I saw someone here posted that China has 1/5 of the world population so it's natural their biggest gachas would do well every month, and that makes me wonder...Why doesn't India make gachas?

我看到有人发帖说,中国人口占世界人口的 1/5,所以他们最大的扭蛋游戏自然每月都会有不错的流水,这让我很好奇......为什么印度不制作扭蛋游戏呢?

Reasons being:
They have 1.01/5 of the world population (more people than China)
Their tech sector is very robust, and there are a lot of Indian game devs all over the world.
Indian history is on par with China. Their culture also have a lot of myths and tales that provide plenty of materials for every unique settings.
Indian culture is quite unexplored in video games.
So, any Indian gacha player can provide some insights on this?

1. 他们的人口占世界总人口的 1.01/5(比中国还多)。
2. 他们的科技产业非常发达,全世界有很多印度游戏开发商。
3. 印度的历史与中国不相上下。他们的文化中还有很多神话故事,为各种独特的设定提供了大量素材。
4. 印度文化在电子游戏中还未被开发。