Only 2% of the world population and 3-6% of Americans are redheads. Even in places like Scotland it’s only 13% of people. And they are heavily mocked for how they look. My mom has red hair and my parents were scared I’d be a redhead because how rough my mom had it as a kid for her hair. Nobody called her by her name. She was always called Pippy Longstocking or firecrotch. One time a doctor asked her when she was 13 if the carpet matched the drapes in the waiting room. I personally won’t have a kid with a redhead because i know my child would be ridiculed for it due to my recessive genes. Race swapped characters seem to always be the redheads. I’m not a redhead thankfully but i remember how much shit the redhead in my grade got through the 12 years of school. Also they’re called soulless.


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