Get the scoop on China's historic mission to the dark side of the moon in this video! Watch as Chang'e 6 makes history while we explore what's happening in America.
China’s largest rocket has blasted off to space carrying the Chang’e-6 lunar probe for a nearly two-month mission to retrieve rocks and soil from the far side of the moon, in a world-first attempt.
The Long March-5 rocket lifted off at 5:27pm (09:27 GMT) on Friday from the Wenchang Space
Launch Centre on the southern island province of Hainan with the more than eight-tonne probe.
The launch was attended by scientists, diplomats and space agency officials from France, Italy, Pakistan, and the European Space Agency (ESA), all of which have moon-studying payloads on board Chang’e-6.
But no organisations from the United States applied to get a payload spot....I wonder why?
While China makes history America is too busy argueing over how many genders there are. The US simply cannot keep up with China's pace of development and speed at which they operate.
Get an exclusive look at China's world-first mission to the dark side of the moon in this exciting video. Watch as Chang'e 6 spacecraft launches into space, exploring the uncharted territory of the moon. Meanwhile in America, the excitement is palpable as we witness history being made in outer space.