Nitin Mittal
UNSC has become irrelevant now. It is a archaic structure.
A country (especially the size of India) can always have some proxy permanent member veto any resolution against it.
For India, it is only a prestige issue but that also is becoming irrelevant because in the new world order economics play a larger role than politics.

联合国安理会现在已经变得无关紧要了。这是一个过时的结构。 一个国家(尤其是像印度这样的规模)总是可以让某个代理常任理事国否决针对它的任何决议。 对于印度来说,这只是一个威望问题,但这也变得不那么重要了,因为在新的世界秩序中,经济比政治更起决定性的作用。
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Ammit Yadaav
Yes India is most deserving and capable country to be a permanent member of United Nation security council.
India has great defence forces, Indian Army is among top five armies of the world.
India believes in peace and strongly condemn and against terrorism.
India is a very progressive state which is developing with a great pace.
The whole world is with India to be a permanent member of United Nation Security Council but because of unreasonable oppose of the few members of Coffee Club like Pakistan and due to the veto power of China India is yet to be permanent member of Security Council.

是的,印度是最值得并且最有能力成为联合国安理会常任理事国的国家。 印度拥有强大的国防力量,印度陆军是世界前五的军队之一。 印度坚信和强烈谴责和反对恐怖主义。 印度是一个发展迅速的进步国家。 整个世界都支持印度成为联合国安全理事会常任理事国,但由于像巴基斯坦这样的咖啡俱乐部的少数成员的不合理反对,以及中国的否决权,印度尚未成为安理会的常任理事国。