The trisolarian crisis is a global issue. Most of the protagonists hadn't known eachother before yet they were involved in coping with this crisis in some way.
There were nanotech scientist, former cops, soldiers, hedonistic teacher, aerospace engineer, cancer patient, president of a socialism country, former US secretary of defense, Nobel winning scientist. They were born in 1950s, 1980s, Era of Deterrence.


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Perhaps they even never met eachother in their whole life. But their lives have been connected by the string of the destiny of humanity since the crisis. I feel it like so many people are in the same community for humanity. They have the same target.


But the Netflix adaption made the joint force of different people from different backgrounds look like the world saved by a small group of people. Operation Guzheng was brought up by Wade and Raj, relying on the technology from one of the Oxford 5. Staircase Project was put forward by Wade and one of the Oxford 5, too. And guess what, wallfacer, swordholder, escapist, spy are all from the Oxford 5. And AA is actually from the future, they are gonna make her Auggie from the Oxford 5. Looks like the Oxford 5 is the center of universe.


The diversity is limited in the UK, or more specifically, in London(or a little bit in China and US). The epic scope of the book is thus reduced exponentially.