Susanna Viljanen
Most sufficed with one (at time) and there were three reasons for it:


1.The only known methods of contraception where the rhythm method and condoms. Without hormonal contraception, getting an unwanted pregnancy was simply too big a risk.

1. 当时唯一已知的避孕方法是节育法和避孕套。没有激素避孕药,怀上不想要的孩子是一个风险太大的问题。

2.There was no social security system for single parents. “Bastard” is a swear word for just this reason. Abortions could easily lead into death of the mother as well as the unborn child. Abortion was considered a murder.


Adultery was a crime, and in the Viking era Scandinavia it was a capital crime. Getting pregnant out of wedlock or as a result of adultery would mean death in the Viking society - and if a man was caught from fornication in flagranto delicti, he too would lose his head. The Christian society was more tolerant, but not much.

3.通奸是一种犯罪,在维京时代的斯堪的纳维亚,这是一种死罪。在维京人的社会里,未婚怀孕或因通奸而怀孕都意味着死亡—— 如果一个男人被抓到正在通奸,他也会被砍头。基督教社会更加宽容,但也不多。

On the other hand, people tended to marry young, everyone was supposed to marry, deaths and getting widowe[er]ed was commonplace, and widow[er]s would re-marry quickly. Divorces were rare, but did occur. Since family and extended family line had much stronger importance than it is today (your family was basically your only social security besides the Church), being single was ingredients for a catastrophe.


Brothels were common, and noblemen tended to have mistresses besides their wives. This was not as common amongst the bourgeoisie, where inheritance of property was an issue and one single illegitimate son could ruin everything. Rape was a capital crime, but armies tended to commit mass rapes while on campaign.