Wenxiang Chen
1.When the sword stands upright, the ring falls under the action of gravity, bringing the center of gravity of the elongated blade closer to the palm, making it easier to control
2. Similarly, when the knife is swung, the ring will move with inertia, increasing the stability of the knife's swing direction
3. Each ring has weight, which can add weight to the knife and help the knife user exercise their body. Choose different numbers of rings based on your own strength


4. The ring will make a sound when waved, which is more ornamental and performative,This is also a symbol of etiquette, representing that I will not ambush you, but rather engage in a dignified duel with you
5.The ring is designed to prevent the blade from entering the enemy's body(Or wooden stakes) too much and getting stuck and unable to be pulled out. You don't need to split a person in half to kill them
Therefore, the sword with a ring is mainly used for ancient people's swordsmanship training and street martial arts performances,It basically won't appear on the real battlefield