Can someone explain this mentality to me?
I use a xiaomi because frankly I keep dropping my phones. My last iPhone was an iPhone 6. I had to replace its screen after 2 months. So I was so OVER IT and swore I'd never spend more than $300 on any phone ever again.
I do international business. No business people anywhere ever remarked on my phone model. I think they simply do not give a crap. However, Ik lower income folks definitely do judge me for it.
For instance, Ik a guy who follows me around asking me for a job. Ik his financial situation is quite dire since he's a new graduate who's never had a job that pays more than 10M VND/month. Yet somehow he bought a new iPad that's worth 6 months of rent. He'd keep making hater comments to me, despite begging me for a job btw. He once implied I faked a business trip by posting Google photos (I took the photos myself).
Another relative of mine kept complaining about her low paying job. Yet when I bought my xiaomi, she made this snide comment to the effect of "Oh yea you don't need to buy good phone." She exclusively uses iPhone.
I have 2 iPads that were given to me by my in laws that I never use because I frankly think they're useless. I can't write, can't draw, can't play games, can't read, can't do anything except watch Youtube. My inlaws are also not rich. Yet they like to collect these Apple items which they never use. These items are practically just worthless junks that clutter the house. I simply do not get it. I'd prefer to have my money in things that appreciate in value.
What's the secret formula of Apple marketing that taps into these people's psyche?

能有人帮我理解这种心态吗? 我之所以使用小米手机,坦率地说是因为我不停地摔手机。我上一部iPhone是iPhone 6,在两个月后我就不得不更换了屏幕。对此我极度厌烦,并发誓再也不在任何手机上花费超过300美元了。