As a visitor who had a very positive impression, I don't get the negativity from many other foreigners and even some locals. I mean, obviously there are some serious problems in terms of the development of the country - corruption, pollution and lack of an adequate public transport system in the big cities, to name a few - but compared to other countries with similar levels of development it really isn't bad at all. Quite the opposite. I was even a bit positively surprised at how safe and well organised everything is, given that the country was completely destroyed and had absolutely no development 50 years ago I would say your country has done an excellent job at building something from next to nothing. The economy is growing fast, living standard for most people seems okay-ish, very little extreme poverty of the kind you'd see in Latin America, a lot of new things are being built, crime rate and especially violent crime is low. Even on more sensitive issues like freedom of expression, Vietnam is obviously not good but it's nowhere near as bad as places like Thailand where you get locked up for 40+ years for even so much as mild criticism of the monarchy, or have death squads sent after you if you leave the country. Vietnam doesn't do that shit. It also doesn't have dangerous religious extremists like all of South Asia, or in SE Asia Indonesia, Malaysia or the Philippines do. Being gay is relatively accepted at least in the cities - definitely much more accepted than in China or in the other SE Asian countries except maybe Thailand.
Overall Vietnam at this point probably has the same average standard of living as places like Brazil while having far less extreme poverty and far less crime than Brazil. Brazil wasn't bombed to hell and back just a few decades ago. Vietnam is definitely as a whole better off than most of South America (exceptions would be Chile and Uruguay) and life in the cities is safer than most cities of North America and Europe, even. Again, this is with much worse starting conditions than any of the other countries I've mentioned in this post. Vietnam has done a lot more with much less to work with.
So why are many people so negative, despite Vietnam doing comparatively well?|


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