Witold Pilecki


While maybe not THE most tragic, you'd be hard pressed to find a man as deserving of a happy ending and received anything but.
Pilecki was a cavalry officer in the Polish military, and would co-found the resistance organisation the Secret Polish Army, or TAP, after Poland's annexation in 1939. Eventually rumours of Auschwitz, the most infamous of the Nazi death camps, would reach the TAP.

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It was decided they needed to get an agent inside the camp, to uncover what was going on there. Pilecki volunteered. He allowed himself to be captured during a Gestapo sweep in 1940, and was sent to Auschwitz.
There he would set up a resistance movement of sorts, providing aid and care for the suffering inmates. He'd also write up reports detailing all the atrocities he'd seen.
He'd stay there, avoiding discovery and death, for TWO AND A HALF YEARS. Two and a half years in the home to the most systematic GENO.... in history. Pretty damn impressive.
He'd escape, and rejoin his comrades in the TAP. Notably participating in the Warsaw Uprising.

于是决定需要派遣一个特工深入集中营内部,揭露那里正在发生的事情。皮莱茨基自愿前往,并在1940年在一次盖世太保清洗中被捕,送往奥斯维辛。 在那里,他成立了一种抵抗运动,为受苦的囚犯提供援助和护理。他还写下了详细描述他所见过所有暴行的报告。 他在那里待了两年半,避免被发现和死亡。两年半的时间是历史上最系统的种族灭绝之地。非常令人印象深刻。他逃脱了,并重新加入了TAP的同志们。值得注意的是,他还参加了华沙起义。

After the Soviet takeover of Poland, Pilecki remained loyal to the Polish Government-in-exile based in London. He believed his loyalty would result in his execution by the .....sts, and wrote up 'Pilecki’s Report'. This report would form the basis of the Allied understanding of the Holocaust, and if I remember correctly was referenced in the Nuremberg trials. Although I could definitely be wrong there.


He was arrested in 1947 by the Polish Ministry of Public Security for aiding “foreign imperialism”. He was subjected to torture and a show trial, resulting in his execution in 1948.


Witold Pilecki at his trial, looking like a total badass
Knowledge of Pilecki was suppressed by the .....st government until 1989, when his story began to be told.
Now there are streets, monuments and institutions in Poland named after him. He's included amongst the busts of great Poles in Jordan Park, alongside those such as Marie Curie. He was awarded the Order of the White Eagle in 2006, the highest Polish award. He was also post humously promoted to Colonel in 2013.

维托尔德 皮莱茨基在受审时看起来像个十足的坏蛋

Pilecki was one of the most heroic and courageous men in history, described by Poland's chief Rabbi as “of blessed memory", and was paid back for his courage with a bullet to the head.
Like I said before, maybe he wasn't the most tragic figure in history. But he still deserved a whole lot better then he got.
Rest in peace Pilecki, you will not be forgotten.

皮莱茨基是历史上最英勇、最勇敢的人物之一,被波兰首席拉比描述为“受祝福的记忆”,但他的勇气却用一颗子弹回报。就像我之前说过的,也许他不是历史上最悲惨的人物之一。但他仍然应该得到更好的待遇。 安息吧,皮莱茨基,你不会被遗忘。

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