Chara Chan
I thought I can tell Japanese from us. But, I failed for two times when I was in college.
I used to read the Japanese fashion magazines on a monthly basis in my high school, so I thought that girls from Japan must be well-dressed like those office ladies I saw in the magazines.
I didn’t know that some of them don’t wear the makeup and dress rather plainly just like us.


Years ago, I was reading a Japanese language book in front of the bookshelf in a book store when a woman approached me and began to talk to me in Chinese. She asked me whether I was learning Japanese. I said Yes and felt awkward all of a sudden, since few female strangers would strike up a conversation with me in a book store.
I noticed the accent but her fluency in Chinese made me think that she must be from another province. It was not until she told me that she was a Japanese that I realised the mistake I committed.


On another occasion, I went to have dinner with my bestie. I heard a Chinese guy talking to a rather shy girl sitting behind us, who was wearing a pink down just like any average Chinese girl you’d find on the campus. It didn’t occur to me that she is a Japanese until the Chinse guy asked her about the situation in Japan. The girl remaind silent most of the time, with the Chinese guy talking nonstop just like a chatterbox.


Actually, compared with Korean women’ appearance, I prefer that of the two Japanese women I mentioned. I don’t know what the other Chinese men or women think. But I’m a very conservative and oldschool person, so I cannot accept the plastic surgery or a heavy makeup. Anything natural would be great for me. I’d marry one Japanese woman if I were a man. :D

实际上,和韩国女性相比,我更喜欢这两个日本女性的外表。我不知道其他中国男人或女人怎么想。但我是一个非常保守和传统的人,所以我不能接受整容或浓妆艳抹。自然的就好。如果我是男人,我会娶一个日本女人。 :D

I used to adore many old mainland and Japanese actresses simply for their imperfection and unique facial traits.

One of my favorite Japanese actress, Sayuri Yoshinaga(吉永小百合), who left a deep impression on me in the movie 细雪. WOW, this pic of her reminds me of my bestie in primary school. She looked just like this, with very long eyelashes, before she became addicted to those weird makeup skills of Koreans. They ruined her. :/

So, the answer is Yes and No.
Yes, I can tell Koreans from us.
No, I can’t tell Japanese from us.