Why is India so dirty compared to countries like Sri Lanka? Is there something wrong with the habits of Indians? Aren’t Indians and Sri Lankans culturally similar?


When I visited India for the first time, I was shocked. As a Sri Lankan I know well that in Indian culture they value cleanliness. But I was amazed by their culture and the reality of India.I don't know what caused this situation, but I thought overpopulation might be the cause. But compared to the cities that thought is a plausible argument and the small villages were also found to be very dirty. There I realized that Indians do not consider it their social responsibility to keep their surroundings clean.


When I saw that Tokyo, the world's largest city with the largest population in a very small area, was clean, I realized that population density is also an unacceptable argument for a country to be dirty.If we talk about Sri Lanka, the cleanest environment in Sri Lanka is maintained in the smallest villages. Efforts are made to maintain a high level of cleanliness in major cities. The condition of these intermediate cities should be further improved. But the cleanliness is getting better because every city is making rules and trying to keep it competitively clean, but next time I visited India I saw that the dirty environment is maintained the same.

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One should practice disposing of one's own garbage properly and not throwing it away as other people's garbage. Any country that works in this way will definitely be a clean country.