Aya Shawn
master in Computer Science, National University of SingaporeOct
Haha, when it comes to Chinese fried rice, I have to answer this question.
In China, fried rice is definitely a delicacy worth mentioning.However, the meaning of fried rice to Chinese people is very different from that of people in other countries.


In our Southeast Asian countries, including our Singapore, Malaysia, as well as Thailand, Indonesia and other countries I have been to. Fried rice is a formal dish (or staple food) that is sold in various restaurants and put on the table together with other dishes. This is how I understood fried rice since I was a child.


Common fried rice in Singapore。 Generally speaking, a restaurant only has 3-5 varieties


Since I went to China a few years ago, saw Chinese fried rice, and communicated with Chinese friends, I have a new understanding of fried rice.
Fried rice is very common in China, and almost all Chinese people have eaten fried rice. However, it is not a very formal dish. At important gatherings and banquets, Chinese people almost never eat fried rice.
A Chinese friend told me that he remembered that decades ago, when there was leftover rice at home, it would always be made into fried rice and eaten. The reason is that throwing away leftover rice is considered a "waste of food," which is morally and economically shameful.


Therefore, fried rice is a "way to deal with leftover rice" in China. Considered an act of frugality, it is performed in almost all Chinese households.
Even now, fried rice is regarded as a "simple and cheap food". They are always made and sold in some humble roadside shops, or sold from a roadside cart. In the Chinese cities I've been to, fried rice generally costs around US$1.5-2.


Some Chinese people often eat fried rice when they are busy at work, in a hurry, or need to reduce expenses in their lives (such as poor people or students). I saw a Chinese person on social media write: "My life is so unfortunate recently, I often rely on fried rice, noodles and rice bowl to solve my lunch.", in my opinion, he thinks "fried rice and noodles" It is a symbol of "misfortune".


But it would be a mistake to think that fried rice is a bad food in China.
Fried rice rarely appears in high-end restaurants. It always appears in a simple and rough way at night markets, roadside shops and carts.
The chef will put it on a metal plate covered with a plastic bag, or simply put it in a disposable lunch box. The guests sat down on simple tables and chairs to eat.


Because the time from when it is cooked to when it is served in front of you is so short and fast, Chinese fried rice often appears steaming hot in front of you. They call this "pot gas", which is an important criterion for Chinese people to measure the quality of fried rice.


A fried rice cart on the roadside in Chengdu, with dozens of ingredients

成都路边的炒饭车,有几十种食材 。
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Just because it's crude and cheap doesn't mean it tastes bad. In contrast, China has countless varieties of fried rice, and most of them are delicious. In April this year, I photographed a cart selling fried rice on the side of the road in Chengdu. Such carts can be seen everywhere in many Chinese cities. I asked the boss that this inconspicuous little car can actually make 24 different kinds of fried rice.


This is my "Yangzhou Fried Rice",I can even see the so-called "pot gas"


I bought a portion of "Yangzhou Fried Rice" for 12 yuan, which is said to be the most traditional type of fried rice. Served with simple kimchi, it whetted my appetite, so delicious!

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The "Celery and Beef Fried Rice" I had on the second day


"Twice-cooked pork fried rice" eaten at the night market


After that, I tried different fried rice in some small restaurants and most of them were delicious. One of my Chinese friends (clients) was shocked when he heard that I had fried rice for three days in a row. He told me: "It's OK to eat it occasionally. If you eat fried rice for a long time, your body will become nutritionally imbalanced."


Sure enough, fried rice is an unfortunate food in the eyes of the Chinese, even though it is very delicious.