In the tech industry, the launch of a new product always feels like playing a new symphony for the market. This time, the yet-to-be-officially-unveiled Huawei Mate60 Pro has created a sensation in the industry, akin to the climax of a musical composition, becoming the center of attention for many tech enthusiasts and industry professionals.
Such a marketing strategy undeniably leaves people with a lot of room for speculation, and many have their own theories. At this moment, Huawei seems to have placed itself back in the spotlight, becoming the core of attention on social media, various forums, and even traditional media outlets. Everything about the Huawei Mate60 Pro has become a hot topic in online discussions and social circles.
In just a few days, iPhone15 is set to be released, while the Huawei Mate60 Pro is already available through all channels. Today marks Huawei's strong comeback, after a three-year hiatus, directly challenging Apple once again. Before the iPhone15 series has even been released, Huawei has already made its move, causing a major stir in the smartphone industry. However, everyone knows that the return of the Kirin 9000S chip, confirmed by numerous bloggers and reviewers, is the most critical aspect of this competition.

在科技行业,新产品的发布总让人感觉像是为市场奏响一曲新的交响乐。这一次,尚未正式亮相的华为Mate60 Pro在业界引起了轰动,就像是一首乐曲的高潮,成为许多科技爱好者和行业专业人士关注的焦点。
这样的营销策略无疑给人们留下了很多揣测的空间,很多人都有自己的理论。此时,华为似乎又把自己置于了聚光灯下,成为社交媒体、各种论坛甚至传统媒体关注的核心。华为Mate60 Pro的一切都成为在线讨论和社交圈子的热门话题。
就在几天后,iPhone15即将发布,而华为Mate60 Pro已经通过各个渠道开始销售。今天标志着华为的强势回归,经过三年的休整,再次直接挑战苹果。在iPhone15系列还未发布之前,华为已经迈出了自己的步伐,在智能手机行业引起了轩然大波。然而,众多博主和评论家证实的麒麟9000S芯片的回归,被认为是这场竞争最关键的方面。