Biswajit Patowari
A) The obsession with THE NORTH FACE (the Brand)
B) The fact that Koreans are genius and courteous, when it comes to Customer Service.
I can personally vouch for the efficiency and kind heartedness of Korea''s service are two instances, which will give you a fair idea.
1. It has been just one month in Seoul for me. I was put up in an apartment building near Itaewon by my company. One day, late at night, I was feeling hungry and decided to call Pizza hut, as I was too tired to go out. So, I call them up, but somehow, I was not able to make the Pizza Hut Guy understand my address, maybe it was my pronunciation of the place and building name. After 5 mins of ordeal, I decided to thank the guy for his patience and ended the call. I almost forgot about it, and started watching a movie. But to my surprise, after about 10 min, I got a call back from Pizza Hut. What happened was that the earlier Pizza Hut Guy, after my first call, got hold of a guy who can speak English and put him on the phone with me, so that he could take my order. It was a simple act but really struck a chord with me.

A) 对于北面(THE NORTH FACE)这个品牌的迷恋 B) 韩国人在客户服务方面非常聪明和有礼貌。
1. 我刚来首尔一个月,我的公司把我安置在梨泰院附近的一栋公寓楼里,由公司安排的。有一天深夜,我感到饿了,决定打电话叫必胜客外卖,因为我太累了不想出门。于是,我打给他们,但不知何故,我没有办法让必胜客的员工理解我的地址,可能是我的地名和建筑物名称的发音问题。经历了五分钟的折磨后,我决定感谢那个员工的耐心,挂断了电话。我几乎忘记了这件事,开始看电影。但令我惊讶的是,大约过了10分钟,我接到了必胜客的回拨电话。原来是在我的第一通电话之后,那位先前的必胜客员工联系了一个懂英语的人,让他接听我的订单。这只是一个简单的举动,却让我感动不已。

2. This another time, I was walking down the lanes besides those big office buildings infront of Seoul Station. And few meters down the lane, I saw one of those roadside promotional stall for SM car company with their new model. With the intention of only browsing, I decided to check out the catalogue info. When I reach there, the lone Sales guy was already attending to a person. I was expecting, infact hoping, that the Sales guy would just ignore me and let me leave once I am done with the catalogue. But again to my surprise, he came upto me as soon as he was finished with the first guy. Now, I was under pressure, and had only like 2 sec to come up with an interesting question to ask him. I found one and the moment he enquired, with his broken English, ‘Can I help you with something?’, I asked him, ‘Does this model comes with Left Hand Drive?’. To this he apologetically said, ‘Sorry, but I don’t know.’ I was relieved and said ‘Thats OK, no problem’, while finding my way to leave the stall. But, it wasn’t over, not yet. The Sales Guy told me to wait for a min, while he makes a call. After few sentences in Korean, he directed me to the Car model. He opens the door of the car, and asked me sit in the front seat. As soon as I sat down, he handed me his mobile phone to talk to somebody. There was a lady on the other end of the phone, she started with name first and her position………which was …..VP of Sales….I was like ….WTF…… Apparently, since, the Sales Guy didn’t had an answer to my query, he rang up the Boss, so that she could answer it for me. I was so surprised and awestruck that I gave a wrong number when she asked for it, so that she could get back to me, as soon as there is right hand drive model.

2. 这是另一个时候,我正在首尔站前的那些大型办公楼旁的小巷里走着。在巷子尽头的几米远处,我看到了一家SM汽车公司的路边促销摊位,展示着他们的新车型。我只是想看看,并决定查看一下目录信息。当我到达那里时,唯一的销售人员已经在接待另一个客人了。我本以为销售人员会无视我,让我在看完目录后离开。但令我惊讶的是,他在处理完第一个客人之后立刻走向了我。现在,我感到压力,只有两秒钟的时间来想出一个有趣的问题问他。我找到了一个问题,当他用断断续续的英语问道:“需要帮忙吗?”时,我问他:“这个车型是左舵驾驶吗?” 他很抱歉地说:“对不起,我不知道。”我松了口气,说:“没关系”,同时找到一个离开摊位的方式。但故事还没有结束,还没有结束。销售人员让我等一分钟,他打了一个电话。在说了几句韩语之后,他指引我去看车型。他打开了车门,让我坐在前座上。我一坐下,他递给我他的手机,让我和一个人通话。电话那头是一位女士,她首先自我介绍了并说出她的职位……销售副总裁……我当时很震惊,给了她错误的电话号码,这样她就可以在有右舵车型时联系我。
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There were many more instances, but these two really impressed me a lot.