China Develops air carrier killer Drone Swarm

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After Swarm Drones, China Now Develops ‘Mini Aircraft Carrier’ To Train PLA Navy To Counter Drone Menace.
After showcasing swarm drone technology, China has now developed a naval platform to train its forces to defend against drone swarm threats. Drone swarm is a concept of deploying a cluster of small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in hostile airspace.
The idea is to confuse the enemy radar, thus enabling the drones to successfully conduct their assigned reconnaissance or other tactical support missions.
The China Academy of Electronics and Information Technology which is a subsidiary of the state-owned China Electronics Technology Group Corporation carried out a massive drone swarm experiment in June 2017, involving nearly 120 UAVs. Later, it demonstrated its prowess with nearly 200 fixed-wing drones.
It is pertinent to mention that warships are particularly vulnerable to drone swarm attacks. In 2019, a number of US Navy destroyers had been swarmed by drones over a period of many nights, Popular Mechanics previously reported. Even by April this year, the US Navy was unable to identify these drones or their operators.
On their own, drone swarms are known for their inherent ability to confuse and overwhelm an adversary’s defenses. This makes it very difficult for the opponent to prioritize threats and allocate its own resources in an effective manner.