An off-duty police officer who was shot multiple times in Omagh, County Tyrone, has suffered life-changing injuries, the chairman of Northern Ireland's Police Federation has said.


Det Ch Insp John Caldwell was shot by two gunmen after coaching children at football on Wednesday.

周三,侦缉总督察约翰·考德威尔(John Caldwell)在辅导孩子们踢足球后被两名枪手击中。
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Police said he was with his son, putting balls in the boot of his car, when he was shot at about 20:00 GMT.


He remains in a critical but stable condition in hospital.


He had surgery overnight and it is understood the 48-year-old underwent further surgery on Thursday.

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Three men - aged 38, 45, and 47 - were arrested in Omagh and Coalisland, also in County Tyrone. They remain in custody.


Liam Kelly, the head of the federation, said Det Ch Insp Caldwell always wants to give back to society.


"He's been involved in coaching with children over a long period of time and this is how he's been rewarded by terrorists - it's an absolute disgrace," he added.


PSNI Assistant Chief Constable Mark McEwan said the investigation was looking at lixs to violent dissident republicans, with a focus on the New IRA.


But he said police were keeping an open mind and will continue to work against those with "callous disregard" for the community.


Political leaders including Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Northern Ireland Secretary Chris Heaton-Harris and Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar have condemned the shooting.


In Northern Ireland, senior politicians Michelle O'Neill, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, Naomi Long, Doug Beattie and Colum Eastwood issued a joint statement calling it a reprehensible attack by "the enemies of our peace".

在北爱尔兰,高级政治家米歇尔-奥尼尔、杰弗里-唐纳森爵士、纳奥米-朗、道格-比蒂和科勒姆-伊斯特伍德发表了一份联合声明,称这是 "我们和平的敌人 "实施的应受谴责的攻击。

They are expected to meet the PSNI's Chief Constable Simon Byrne on Friday to discuss the current threat level, Sinn Féin deputy leader Ms O'Neill said.

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'Sheer terror'


Children at the Killyclogher Road sports complex ran in "sheer terror" when the shots rang out, ACC McEwan told a press conference.


"John was finishing up coaching an under-15 football team. He was accompanied by his young son," he said.


"Two gunmen appeared, fired multiple shots and John ran a short distance and, as he fell to the ground, gunmen continued to fire shots at him."


ACC McEwan paid tribute to a member of the public who administered first aid to the injured officer.

ACC McEwan向为受伤警官进行急救的一名公众成员表示敬意。

People panicked after hearing gunshots – witness


'It brings back hard memories for this town'


Why police in Northern Ireland are still targets

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"At this time there were many other children. Those children ran for cover in sheer terror."


BBC News NI understands that Det Ch Insp John Caldwell got up after being shot multiple times and warned children away from the area.

BBC News NI了解到,Det Ch Insp John Caldwell在被多次枪击后起身,并警告儿童远离该地区

Chief Constable Simon Byrne said PSNI officers were shocked and angered by the brazen attack, and it had sent a "huge shockwave" across the organisation.

警察局长西蒙-伯恩说,PSNI官员对这次无耻的袭击感到震惊和愤怒,它在整个组织中产生了 "巨大的冲击波"。
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"John knows that his colleagues will now be working tirelessly around the clock to support his recovery but also to bring the offenders who have tried to kill him to swift justice," the chief constable said.


Who are dissident republicans?


The term "dissident republicans" describes a range of individuals who do not accept the Good Friday Agreement - the 1998 peace deal which ended the worst of the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

持不同政见的共和党人 "一词描述了一系列不接受 "耶稣受难日协议 "的人--1998年的和平协议结束了北爱尔兰最严重的动乱。

The Provisional IRA - the main armed republican paramilitary group for most of the Troubles - declared a ceasefire in the run up to the agreement and officially ended its violent campaign in 2005.


Dissident republicanism is made up of various groups which broke away from the Provisional IRA in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, including the Continuity IRA and New IRA.


The groups are much smaller than the Provisional IRA, although they have access to high-calibre weapons and have used improvised explosive devices and mortars in attacks and attempted attacks.


They have continued to use violence to attempt to unite Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland in a single state but their activities have been sporadic and often undermined by the security services.


This car near a farmyard on the Racolpa Road outside Omagh is thought to have been used by the gunmen and was later burnt out

这辆汽车位于奥马城外拉科尔帕路( Racolpa Road )的一个农场附近,据信被持枪歹徒使用,后来被烧毁

Northern Ireland officers work against "a backdrop of substantial threat" and the PSNI would do everything to support them, ACC McEwan added.

ACC McEwan补充说,北爱尔兰官员在 "大量威胁的背景下 "工作,PSNI将尽一切努力支持他们。

The New IRA is thought to be the largest and the most active of the armed groups that oppose the peace process in Northern Ireland.


Their activities have been sporadic and often undermined by the security services, but the groups continue to target members of the police service.


Attacks, particularly attacks of this nature, are relatively rare.


Border patrols


Police believe the gunmen made off in a small, dark car, which was found burnt out at Racolpa Road, outside Omagh.


An Garda Síochána (Irish police) said it had intensified patrolling in border counties.

An Garda Síochána(爱尔兰警察)说,它已经加强了在边境各县的巡逻工作。

The last gun attack on a PSNI officer was in January 2017. The PSNI officer was hit by automatic gunfire at a petrol station in north Belfast.


Forensics officers examine Det Ch Insp Caldwell's car at the sports complex where he was shot


'Sickened to the stomach'


Fifteen pupils from Omagh High School were at the sports complex at the time of the shooting, principal Christos Gaitatzis said.

校长克里斯托斯-盖塔齐斯(Christos Gaitatzis)说,枪击事件发生时,奥马高中的15名学生正在体育场馆内。

Mr Gaitatzis said two pupils were beside Det Ch Insp Caldwell when he was shot and he was "sickened to the stomach" by the attack.

Gaitatzis先生说,两名学生在Det Ch Insp Caldwell被枪击时在他身边,他对这次袭击感到 "恶心"。

"Some pupils did not make it to school," he told the BBC's Talkback programme.

他告诉英国广播公司的 "对话 "节目:"一些学生没能到学校。
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"It is very difficult as some of the children were next to the son of John and were helping him to get sports equipment out of the car. They saw everything."

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The children had been left "numb" and it was very hard for them to comprehend what had happened, he added.

他补充说,孩子们已经 "麻木 "了,他们很难理解发生了什么。

Beragh Swifts FC was holding a training session at Youth Sport Omagh when the gun attack happened.

枪击事件发生时,Beragh Swifts俱乐部正在奥马青年体育中心进行训练。
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Its chairman Ricky Lyons said that it was "hard to put into words" what the children had witnessed.

其主席Ricky Lyons说,孩子们目睹的一切 "难以言表"。

He said the children were being offered support and the Irish Football Association (IFA) had been in touch to offer counselling.


He said Det Ch Insp John Caldwell had been coaching at the centre for about 10 years.

他说,Det Ch Insp John Caldwell在该中心执教了大约10年。

"He was taking a kids training session - it's hard to compute that someone would try to attempt to kill John at that moment," he told BBC Evening Extra.

"他告诉BBC Evening Extra说:"他正在进行儿童训练--很难想象有人会在那一刻试图杀死约翰。
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It is no surprise to learn the chief suspects in the attack are the New IRA.


After years on the backfoot the organisation re-emerged with a bomb attack on a police patrol in Strabane last November.


The attack on John Caldwell is the most serious incident involving the targeting of an officer for many years.


You probably need to go back to 2011 and the murder of Ronan Kerr for anything comparable.


Last night will be seen not only as an attack on a police officer but an officer who has been directly involved in investigating dissident republicans.


About a year ago, on the advice of MI5, the security threat level was downgraded for the first time in over a decade.


In that context, the shock being felt within the PSNI today will likely be magnified.