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Monbiot cites Clement Attlee’s lament that “over and over again we have seen that there is in this country another power than that which has its seat at Westminster.” He continues that “The City has exploited this remarkable position to establish itself as a kind of offshore state, a secrecy jurisdiction which controls the network of tax havens housed in the UK’s crown dependencies and overseas territories. This autonomous state within our borders is in a position to launder the ill-gotten cash of oligarchs, kleptocrats, gangsters and drug barons.” All of that is very true, and the power of the Jews within the City have made impossible any effective regulation of global finance, American firms like AIG and Lehman Brothers simply moving to the City of London to carry out their off-balance-sheet criminal machinations that bankrupted so many people. American and other firms have often utilised the “services” of the City to evade the financial laws of their own governments. The City is, in real terms, a vast criminal enterprise run by gangsters.
It doesn’t seem widely-known that immediately prior to its financial collapse Lehman were selling their corporate bonds “backed by the full faith and credit of Lehman Brothers”, to unsuspecting investors who had no idea the bankruptcy was already virtually in motion. I don’t know where all these bonds were sold, but I know that billions of dollars of them were disposed of in Hong Kong, the money from these sales apparently disappearing into the bowels of the City of London.

Monbiot引用了Clement Attlee的哀叹:“我们一次又一次地看到,在这个国家,除了在威斯敏斯特拥有一席之地的权力之外,还有另一种权力。”他接着说:“伦敦金融城利用这一卓越地位,将自己打造成一种离岸国家,一种控制着英国皇家属地和海外领土的避税天堂网络的保密管辖区。我们境内的这个自治国家有能力为寡头、盗贼、黑帮和毒枭的不义之财洗钱。”
所有这些都是事实,而伦敦金融城犹太人的力量已经使全球金融的有效监管成为不可能,像美国国际集团(AIG)和雷曼兄弟(Lehman Brothers)这样的美国公司只是搬到伦敦金融城来实施他们资产负债表外的犯罪阴谋,使许多人破产。美国和其他国家的公司经常利用金融城的“服务”来逃避本国政府的金融法律。实际上,伦敦金融城是一个由黑帮分子经营的庞大犯罪企业。
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Joseph Stiglitz also railed against the Jews in the City, telling UK legislators, “. . . these people are just using your rule of law to protect money they have stolen in other countries . . . From a global point of view, you are aiding and abetting theft.”
A British MP said that the City of London is “a magnet for dirty money”.[29]
At the same time, the government’s Anti-fraud Minister resigned because the Jews in the City had once again killed legislation to combat economic crime by the City, saying that “nobody [in the UK government] cared about stopping kleptocrats, oligarchs and organised crime lords stashing their loot in the UK.” And another article telling us how the City remains a safe haven for all the world’s dirty cash.
Here is another interesting article from the UK Guardian, with a 5-step guide telling how the Jews in the City can help you get away with stealing millions.
One indication of this is the UK’s Official UK Companies Register that is littered with fake names, because no identity checks are required. One corporation is registered, for example, in the name of “Holy Jesus Christ”, with his stated occupation as “creator”, his nationality as “Angelic” and his country of residence as “Heaven”. Another is in the name of “Adolf Tooth Fairy Hitler”, with a City sales firm in the name of “Donald Duck”, and so on. The UK government claims it hasn’t the resources to police the corporate registry, but the truth is they permit it to continue because it serves nicely the purposes of the gangsters in the City.
Controlling legislation was proposed, but the Jews in the City had it killed.

Joseph Stiglitz也抨击了金融城的犹太人,他告诉英国立法者,“……这些人只是在利用你们的法治来保护他们在其他国家偷来的钱……从全球的角度来看,你是在协助和教唆盗窃。”一位英国议员说,伦敦金融城是“一块吸黑钱的磁铁”。
这方面的一个迹象是,英国的官方英国公司注册(Official UK Companies Register)充斥着假名字,因为不需要进行身份检查。例如,一家公司以“神圣的耶稣基督”的名义注册,其职业为“创造者”,国籍为“天使”,居住国为“天堂”。 另一种是以“阿道夫·牙仙·希特勒”的名义,以“唐老鸭”的名义与一家金融城销售公司合作,等等。英国政府声称,它没有足够的资源来监管企业注册制度,但事实是,他们允许这种制度继续存在,因为它很好地满足了伦敦金融城黑帮的目的。有人提出了立法进行控制,但金融城的犹太人将其扼杀。

An article in the Eurasia Review called the City of London ”A Parasites’ Paradise, Or The Best Criminal Sanctuary Money Can Buy”. “London has become the center of global financial capital by engaging in long term large scale active collaboration with multi-billion-pound drug, arms, people smuggling and sex-slave cartels. The [Jews in the City] specialize in laundering funds from the Mexican, Colombian, Peruvian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Nigerian narco-kings. . . white slavers have their “private bankers” at prestigious City banks . . . kleptocrats, lifelong billion-dollar tax evaders, fleeing from their pillaged homeland.” It continues that “The City Boys” welcome “every gangster / oligarch”. It continued by stating, “The London Sanctuary for the world’s richest plunderers and parasites offers unprecedented services, especially protection from extradition and criminal prosecution at the site of their crimes.”

《欧亚评论》(Eurasia Review)上的一篇文章称伦敦城是“寄生虫的天堂,或者是金钱能买到的最好的罪犯避难所”。链接略

“Nowadays, . . . the City of London is an anachronism of the worst kind. The Corporation, which runs the City like a one-party mini-state, is an unreconstructed old boys’ network whose mediist pageantry camouflages the very real power and wealth which it holds. The City of London Corporation ranks as a political power without rival in Britain, possibly in the world. It has used its power to exert enormous political influence to resist regulation and extract tax exemption. It has fostered criminality by ensuring that the City ranks amongst the least accountable of financial centers on the face of the earth.” The TaxJustice website calls the City of London “A state within a state; the most powerful self-interested political lobby in the world.”
There is much more, including the Rothschild Bank’s financing of Zionism and the atrocities continuing in Palestine since prior to the founding of Israel, all through and under the auspices of the Jews in the City of London.
Also, Sinhalanet had an article you might find interesting, in which it is claimed that “three corporations run the world: City of London, Washington DC and Vatican City”, and that together they control politicians, economies, and 80% of the world’s wealth.

还有更多,包括罗斯柴尔德银行资助犹太复国主义,以及自以色列建国之前就在巴勒斯坦持续的暴行,所有这些都是通过伦敦金融城的犹太人并在他们的支持下进行的。此外,Sinhalanet有一篇文章,你可能会觉得有趣,其中声称“三家公司管理着世界:伦敦金融城、华盛顿特区和梵蒂冈城”, 他们一起控制着政客、经济和世界80%的财富。链接略

The King of England Meets His Master
North Americans seldom pay much attention to news details in the UK and might not be aware of the recurrent brief media campaigns about “Should the Monarchy be Abolished?” These normally emerge abruptly without warning or apparent cause, listing all the usual issues of a monarchy being an anachronism, the British Royal Family being a useless appendage to government, a needless expense, and so forth. They disappear equally suddenly, all the UK media silencing their peeps at the same time. These little campaigns are not accidents; they are “reminders” or, in some cases, a warning, by the gnomes controlling the City of London that they have the power to work the UK public into a frenzy on command and also the influence to introduce and push through Parliament a vote that would indeed disband the monarchy. This would leave the “King” and all his princelings not destitute or homeless, but alone, shunned, and unemployed.

北美人很少关注英国的新闻细节,可能不会注意到媒体上反复出现的关于“君主制应该被废除吗?” 这些问题通常是突然出现的,没有任何警告或明显的原因,列出了所有常见的问题,如君主制是一个时代错误,英国王室是政府无用的附属品,不必要的开支,等等。它们同样突然消失,所有的英国媒体都在同一时间保持沉默。这些小活动并非偶然;它们是控制伦敦金融城的“侏儒”们的“提醒”,在某些情况下,它们是一种警告,它们有能力让英国公众在命令下陷入狂热,也有影响力引入并推动议会进行一场真正会解散君主制的投票。这虽不会让“国王”和他所有的王子们一贫如洗或无家可归,但会被孤立、被冷落和失业。

Look at the photo of (then) Prince Charles and Evelyn de Rothschild, with smug Rothschild poking Charles in the chest. That is a very aggressive gesture, and not something one would do to a superior. Can you picture yourself walking up to your boss or the Chairman of the Board, poking him in the chest and saying, “I have something to tell you”? Definitely not. We would do this only to a distinct inferior, and someone we were bullying, almost treating with contempt. The gesture is not only to accentuate a point but is a kind of threat, one we might imagine a policeman making when issuing an order. From the photo, the relation between these two men is quite clear. We can’t know the topic of conversation but Rothschild is essentially telling Charles “this is how it is, and you don’t have to like it”.
But why wouldn’t Rothschild poke that little twerp in the chest? Charles is nothing to him, a convenient nuisance, a bit of a public shield, but no more. Rothschild has wealth that Charles can barely fathom, and power exceeding that of Charles by orders of magnitude, including over the UK Parliament and UK public opinion. Both men know Rothschild could dethrone the “King” at any time, that Charles as a Royal exists only at the Jews’ pleasure. Charles, the supposed “King of England”, can’t even enter Rothschild’s home or place of business without a specific invitation. How subservient can you be? It is the several Rothschilds, Sebag-Montefioris and others similar who are considered the real “royalty” of England, Charles, Andrew, Edward, being puppet-caricatures.

所以罗斯柴尔德为什么不戳那小混蛋的胸口呢?查尔斯对他来说什么都不是,只是个方便的麻烦,一个公众的盾牌,仅此而已。罗斯柴尔德拥有查尔斯几乎无法企及的财富,以及超过查尔斯数量级的权力,包括对英国议会和英国公众舆论的掌控。两人都知道罗斯柴尔德随时都有可能废黜“国王”,查尔斯作为王室成员的存在只是为了满足犹太人的意愿。没有特别邀请,被认为是“英格兰国王”的查尔斯甚至不能进入罗斯柴尔德的家或工作场所。你能有多顺从? 罗斯柴尔德家族的几个成员,Sebag-Montefioris和其他类似的家族被认为是英国真正的“皇室”,查尔斯、安德鲁、爱德华都是傀儡漫画人物。
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Who Owns the City?
Well, the entity is described as “The Corporation of The City of London” but, since this is a privately-owned company, we have no shareholder list. I am told there are 13 Jewish families who are central to this enterprise, the Rothschilds being the first among these. The City may well operate as a corporation in some senses, but could be more accurately described as a typical organised-crime family who are Lords of their own mini-state and effectively operate with virtually absolute impunity throughout the world. This impunity resolves primarily from their financial power, but secondarily from the political power and influence obtained by that financial power. It is hardly a secret that national governments like the US, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and others are fundamentally and essentially Jewish-controlled states, with that control emanating from the City of London.
If we think of Jeffrey Epstein and his sex-entrapment enterprise that flourished for decades, it makes sense that the City of London would have been the source of the planning and financing. Epstein’s operation was definitely Jewish and worldwide, and there is no other candidate body in the world with an interest in controlling the politicians of all nations, at least not by that dirty means. If we think of the world’s mass media which is largely and increasingly Jewish-owned, and which is vitally necessary for the propaganda to control the standard narrative, it makes sense that increasing media control would arise primarily from this same source. This would clearly account for the development of the social and Internet media, almost dictating the necessity for the creation of a Google, a Facebook, a Wikipedia, an Instagram, a Telegraph, and the takeover of Twitter.

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There is something else here, dealing with the intelligence agencies, primarily the CIA and Mossad although MI5 would almost surely fit into this. I have a copy of a document that was released by the CIA under a FOIA request. It is not a CIA document and it is not clear why it would have been in the possession of the CIA. The document is not redacted, but the original author is not identified. The salient point of this document indicates the existence of a group somewhere within the CIA that operates independently, acting under the auspices and authority of the CIA but with its own purpose and agenda unrelated to the remainder of the organisation. The document maddeningly lacks precise details but the implication is that this group does not report to any part of the CIA and that its activities may not even be known by the CIA executive. I had read of, or heard rumors about, such a group before, but this was the first bit of documented evidence of it.
Edward Snowden, in an article titled “The CIA is not your friend”, made reference to this as well. He wrote that after the creation of the CIA, “Within a year, the young agency had already slipped the leash of its intended role of intelligence collection and analysis to establish a covert operations division. Within a decade, the CIA was directing the coverage of American news organizations, overthrowing democratically elected governments (at times merely to benefit a favored corporation), establishing propaganda outfits to manipulate public sentiment, launching a long-running series of mind-control experiments on unwitting human subjects . . . and interfering with foreign elections.”


This is a very large topic with so many interwoven threads that even a very long article could scarcely do it justice, but I wanted to raise one point about the secrecy, the agenda, and the lack of a CIA reporting chain. As one example, it had been reported in several places that neither the US Congress nor the White House had any knowledge of the “CIA’s” MK-ULTRA program. I covered this in much detail in a previous article on MK-ULTRA. During Congressional hearings on an unrelated matter, one witness brought a colleague who began testifying on a bizarre mind-control program that was unknown to that date, which led to the exposure of MK-ULTRA – and the rapid destruction (so they said) of all related documents. The important point is that this enormous and horrific program, spanning decades, escaped external attention. MK-ULTRA was entirely a Jewish program. I have a list of the top 30 lieutenants of MK-ULTRA, from Gottlieb down, and all are Jews. This is not in dispute, and in fact I believe that of the top 50 or 60 people, only two or three at the most are not Jews. The question is how it would happen that an internal group of the “American CIA” would have had such a determined interest in such a horrific program and would have staffed it entirely with Jews.