A Qantas Airways plane has managed to land safely in Australia on a single engine Wednesday after it issued a mayday call while flying over the Pacific Ocean.

周三,澳航(Qantas Airways)一架飞机在飞越太平洋时发出求救信号,仅靠一个引擎就成功在澳大利亚安全着陆

Qantas Flight 144, a Boeing 737-838 carrying 145 passengers, "experienced an issue" with one of its two engines when it was an hour away from Sydney, the airline said in a statement to The Associated Press. The plane had departed from Auckland, New Zealand.

澳航(qantas) 144号航班是一架载有145名乘客的波音737-838客机,该公司在发给美联社(the Associated Press)的一份声明中表示,在距离悉尼还有一小时(路程)的时候,两个引擎中的一个“出现了问题”。这架飞机是从新西兰奥克兰起飞的。

"Thank God we are here. We thank the captain profusely for his professionalism. Thank the Lord," a passenger told reporters that had gathered at Sydney Airport following the plane’s arrival.

“感谢上帝,我们还在这里。我们非常感谢机长的专业精神。感谢上帝,” 飞机抵达后,一名乘客对聚集在悉尼机场的记者说。

One passenger reported hearing a "bang" mid-air before the plane landed.


A Qantas jet is parked on the tarmac next to firetrucks at Sydney International Airport after making an emergency landing in Sydney, on Wednesday, Jan. 18. (Jeremy Ng/AAP Image via AP / AP Images)

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"We didn’t realize it was actually the whole engine had gone, we just heard a bang and that was it," she said.


Qantas said the pilot shut down the troubled engine, but did not specify the problem.

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The mayday call that came from the plane, which is issued when a flight is in grave and imminent danger and needs immediate assistance, was downgraded to a PAN-PAN -- possible assistance needed -- before the flight landed, the Associated Press reported.

据美联社(Associated Press)报道,飞机发出的求救信号在飞机着陆前被降级为PAN-PAN——可能需要援助。该信号是在航班处于严重和迫在眉睫的危险中,需要立即援助时发出的。
【“Pan-pan, Pan-pan, Pan-pan”,表示比"Mayday, mayday, mayday"低一级别的紧急情况。Mayday是可能有坠机或者飞机完全失控危险的极端紧急情况(最高级别)。Pan-pan是指暂时还好(其实一点也不好…),情况虽然危险,但还可控。以上两者都是法语。“Mayday”:原为“救我”的法语“m'aider”,以英语发音变成了“Mayday”;"Pan-pan"是法文panne,故障的意思。】

Passengers embrace their loved ones after getting off Qantas Flight 144 following its arrival in Sydney, Australia. (APTN/AuBC / AP Images)


​"While inflight engine shutdowns are rare, and would naturally be concerning for passengers, our pilots are trained to manage them safely and aircraft are designed to fly for an extended period on one engine," Qantas said.


Other passengers described their experience of the engine malfunction as a "slight shudder" and "bumpy-like turbulence."


Qantas Flight 144 is seen landing in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday, Jan. 18 following the engine malfunction. (Reuters / Reuters Photos)


Sydney Airport said emergency crews were put on standby as a precaution, including firefighters, ambulances and police.


FOX Business has reached out to Qantas Airlines and Boeing for further comment.

福克斯商业频道(fox Business)联系了澳航(Qantas Airlines)和波音(Boeing),寻求进一步说明。