Democracy under threat? Germany shaken by far-right plot | DW News

原标题:民主受到威胁? 极右翼阴谋动摇德国。

In a large-scale raid, German police targeted dozens of individuals from the far-right Reichsbürger scene who were suspected of planning a coup. What kind of movement is this — and what threat does it pose to democracy?

在一次大规模突袭中,德国警方锁定了数十名来自极右翼Reichsbürger(德意志公民)集会的人,他们被怀疑策划政变。这是一场什么样的运动? 它对民主构成了什么样的威胁?

We hear from Till Steffen, a member of the German parliament for the Green party; Journalist Tobias Ginsburg, who spent months living under a false identity among Reichsbürger groups; and Lorenz Blumenthaler, a spokesperson for the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, which works against right-wing extremism in Germany.