The safety and regulation of Tesla in South Korea has been put in the spotlight at a criminal trial involving a deadly crash on December 19, 2020. Choi Woan-jong was behind the wheel of the Model X that smashed into a parking lot, killing the car owner, Yoon Hong-geun. Prosecutors say Choi floored the accelerator, which Choi denies, saying the car accelerated on its own.

在2020年12月19日发生的一起致命车祸的刑事审判中,特斯拉在韩国的安全和监管受到了关注。崔万钟驾驶着这辆Model X撞进停车场,导致车主尹宏根死亡。检方说,崔踩下了油门,但崔否认,称车子是自己加速的。