Keyur Patel
1. They have made enough money in their 20 years of career in IT industry. If they were above average Software Engineer then consider their average salary as $100k in last 20 years and that is $2 million they earned in last 20 years. If their spouse is also earning, then it is extra income.
2. They have made investments in 401K and stocks which has grown substantially. Some have bought land or rental property and earn passive income. In short, They have achieved financial stability in their life. They are less liked to get worried if company layoff them compare to young people in 20s and 30s.
3. If they are married with kids, they are likely to spend more time with family after 5 PM and different kids activities in the weekend.
4. If they still working as Software Engineer (or Senior) and they are above average, consider their current salary from $180K to $250K, depends on the company. Plus equity + benefits.
5. They are mature enough to handle different people with different temperament.


6. They don’t get offended easily in petty things in the office. They have seen all kinds of people in 20 years so it is nothing new for them.
7. Handling production issues or handling the chaos in the office, their experience help them to sail smoothly compare to young inexperienced people.
8. They have good grip on office politics. They know what to document, when to document and how much document the things and what not to document so that senior management come look for their help.
9. They keep learning new technologies and keep upgrading themselves with certifications. One of my coworkers did AWS Architect certification at the age of 55 and he joined Amazon as Architect at the age of 57. He is my inspiration.
10. They regular hit to the fitness center to make sure health remained the highest priority. People after 40 are more likely to be conscious about their health compare to young people in 20s and 30s.
11. They are more active in retirement planning than they were before 10 years.

11. 他们比 10 年前更积极地进行退休计划。