Elon Musk won't manufacture Tesla cars in India because government prohibits selling and servicing of EVs
Indian leaders have made multiple failed appeals for Musk to bring Tesla to India


Landon Mion FOXBusiness
May 29

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company will not manufacture cars in India if the country does not allow it to sell and service its electric vehicles.
When asked by a Twitter user Friday if Tesla would be manufacturing a plant in India in the future, Musk said the move cannot happen under the country's current rules.
"Tesla will not put a manufacturing plant in any location where we are not allowed first to sell & service cars," Musk tweeted.
The team Musk hired in India last year has since been instructed to focus on the Middle East and the larger Asia-Pacific markets.


Musk's comments come as the Indian government has yet to accept his demand to reduce import duties on Tesla cars.
Indian leaders have made multiple failed appeals for Musk to bring Tesla to India.
"Our request to him is to come to India and manufacture here. We have no problems. The vendors are available, we offer all kinds of technology and because of that, Musk can reduce the cost," Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said during the Raisina Dialogue 2022 conference last month, according to TribuneIndia.com.


"India is a huge market and offers good export opportunities too. Musk can export Tesla cars from India," he added.
Gadkari said in February that Musk must first manufacture in India before Tesla cars can be driven on the roads.

加德卡里在 2 月份表示,马斯克必须首先在印度生产,然后特斯拉汽车才能被允许上路行驶。

Musk had tweeted in January that he could not release Tesla vehicles in India yet due to "challenges with the government." And last summer, the billionaire posted to Twitter that he would like to launch Teslas in India, but the country's import duties are "the highest in the world by far of any large country."
India currently levies a 100% tax on imported vehicles costing more than $40,000, inclusive of insurance and shipping expenses. Cars that cost less than $40,000 face a 60% import tax.

印度目前对价值超过 40,000 美元的进口车辆征收 100% 的税,包括保险和运输费用。价格低于 40,000 美元的汽车则面临 60% 的进口税。