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Daejeon, South Korea, 2019.140 kilometers south of Seoul The bank robber was getting ready to enter the bank.He was well-prepared, composed and not at all afraid of being caught. You see, he had been planning the heist for a whileand had become quite familiar with the bank’s habits and procedures. He had done the math, and knew it would take police just four minutesto arrive at the scene once alxed. This, of course, wasn’t ideal — a potential four minute window seemed risky but if all were to go according to plan,well, the reward would be worth it.He would be set for life.As part of his preparation, he had procured a very specific weapon a kind of knife — from a trusty vendorwhich, really, he had no intention of using.With the threat alone being sufficient enough, this was merely for show.And so, after months of planning,it was time.


He headed through the doorway into the bank.The heist was on.As he walked past customers and staff members — his hand firmly on the knife he knew there was no turning back.Arriving at the nearest counter, he pulled out a note, and handed it over to the teller he had prepared this earlier.He politely informed her that no one would be hurt as long as she gave him what he wanted as long as she followed precisely his instructions.The teller was stunned at the situation,and bewildered at his oddly polite demeanor but upon seeing the knife she did what she was told.Now, time was ticking.At this point he could only wait;but it wasn’t long until customers started noticing his behaviour.They saw his knife, and became alarmed,as they had no idea what he was capable of.And so with each passing moment, the situation grew increasingly on edge.And then it happened…...the police had arrived.


Now, it had only been no more than four minutes since the robber entered the bank which meant whoever alxed the cops must have done so the moment he handed the note.But who was it?And how exactly did it happen?Indeed the robber’s fate seemedill-fated from the start.With the police now surrounding the vicinity,there was little he could do but face them.They ordered him to stand down and to drop the knife;but as officers came closer, they began to notice something odd about the situation.They began to notice his demeanor,his actions,his knife…the knife wasn’t real.It was fake.


With that, the officers quickly restrained him and handcuffed him arresting him on the spot.
Everyone was left baffled.Now, with the scene secured and the robber in custody the officer-in-charge began the requisite task of interviewing witnesses.As he questioned customers and staff members though,it soon became clear that something wasn’t adding up.Throughout the incident, the robber remained calm and composed and even as the cops showed up
it didn’t seem to elicit much of a reaction from him.


But the most bizarre piece of information came from the teller who, after being questioned, revealed that she was, in fact, the one who alxed the police.Now, this, perhaps, wasn’t too surprising considering she was likely the first to be made aware of the situation but the thing is, this wasn’t all she revealed because, as she continued it soon became clear that the assailant
wasn’t who he appeared to be this wasn’t an ordinary bank heist.In fact — as it turns out —
this wasn’t a bank heist at all.


Going back, as the robber entered the bank,he had a very specific plan in mind one that involved getting in and out, smoothly,as fast as possible.And that meant informing the teller that no one would be hurt as long as she followed precisely his instructions......which was to ‘call the police’you see, he was never afraid of being caught because he was trying to get caught.The teller was of course stunned at the situation — it was odd and bewildered at his polite demeanor but upon seeing the knife,she did what she was told.But if all were to go according to plan the reward would be worth it.But if not cash, what was it?


Now, as the sirens blared and the lights flashed, he was relieved because the police had arrived
it had only been no more than four minutes since he entered the bank thanks to the teller.
As expected, the police ordered him to stand down and to drop the knife but there was little to be concerned about as he had no intention of hurting anyone.Yes, he had a knife — well, kind of which he had purchased from a trusty vendor but it was a toy knife, merely for show.With the officers now realizing he was unarmed he was quickly restrained and handcuffed.


Upon questioning, the teller went on to reveal the entirety of what had transpired.This was seemingly what the robber had wanted all along, but why?What was this all about?Now, the officer-in-charge was determined to find this out and so he sat him down for an interrogation.He wanted answers —what’s with the note?The fake knife?The fake heist?Why did he want to get caught?The robber was reluctant to give any clear answers but it did seem as though he really wanted to be sent to prison almost fearful if it weren’t to happen.Regardless, the officer kept going,pressing on with increasing pressure

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until finally…..he broke.What unraveled was an unbelievable explanation.The man revealed that he had a problem to solve and that the bank heist was the only way to achieve this.


You see, he — who we shall name “Jeong”was recently fired from his job and it was devastating.He tried finding work elsewhere, but was constantly rejected.Unemployment in South Korea had risen sharply over the years even before the current pandemic and Jeong had found himself acasualty. Right so, ok, this seems to explain why he wanted to rob the bank —
he lost his job and needed the funds but then, why get caught?


Well, Jeong continued.He says it wasn’t the money he was after, he’s certainly not a criminal
he was raised better than that but his options were limited.After losing his job, he was now
home constantly and as an unemployed middle-aged man who — yes— still lived with his mom his situation was increasingly desperate.And especially so with his worsening chronic back pain which he was now unable to seek medical treatment for due to his financial situation.


South Korea’s high unemployment meant a great strain on their healthcare and Jeong could not get the approval he needed his insurance wouldn’t cover it.He was in tremendous pain all the time and he was fast reaching his limit.And so, with no options left and possibly not anting to further burden his poor old mom he felt there was only one place he could get help only one place he could get free medical care a prison infirmary.


Now, in South Korea,the government does provide universal healthcare coverage for its citizens in general but the South Korean system tends to be highly reliant on private providerswith patients often paying substantial amounts out-of-pocket.As a result — and this isn’t unique to South Korea prison can often be the first place where people go to receive proper medical care as they simply can’t afford it on
the outside.


And this was Jeong’s thinking.A prison infirmary (or a prison hospital) —along with a prisoner’s right to healthcare was where he could finally get relief continued relief — for his back pain.Yes, the act of the heist, the subsequent imprisonment, was not ideal but, you see, if all were to go according to plan the reward would be worth it.He would be set for life.Or at least, that was his belief.And so with unwavering determination,he set his genius plan into motion.
The heist was on....well that was unique.The officer couldn’t believe it.The sheer absurdity...


All this, for back pain.Now, he’d heard of some ridiculous attempts at bank heists before
but this was on another level.well, at least Jeong could now sit back and relax as he’s convicted and transported to the nearest correctional facility ...right?


Well, unfortunately, Jeong wasn’t too bright and his confession meant police in Daejeon
were only able to charge him with intimidation.He stole no money,he hurt nobody,and there was no intent which meant...no prison time.


And so it wasn’t long until Jeong found himself back at home with mummy,bad back and all once again a free man wondering where it all went wrong.Of course, he was still broke and unemployed but with, well, perhaps, a fresh startand some hard work,his luck could change.