Woman didn't know she had identical twin until she saw 'lookalike' on YouTube


Paris brand manager Anais Bordier, 33, says a voice in her head told her "she's your twin" when she watched a YouTube video of Samantha Futerman, an American actress


A former Londoner has told the incredible story of how she discovered she had an identical twin sister living halfway across the world.


Brand manager Anais Bordier, 33, knew she was adopted as a baby in South Korea but she didn't know that she had a twin and they were separated at birth.


That is until a friend sent her a photo of American actress Samantha Futerman, who looked exactly like her.


Anais watched videos of Samantha on YouTube and did some digging into her background, discovering that she had the same date of birth and she had been adopted as well.


Anais sent a Facebook friend request to Samantha - with a message asking "I was wondering where you were born?" - and it led to a reunx that started out "like the biggest blind date", she said.

安纳斯向萨曼莎发送了Facebook好友请求,并附上一条信息:“我想知道你出生在哪里?”—— 她说,这让他们重新团聚,这一开始就像是“最隆重的相亲”。

Sisters Anais Bordier (left) and Samantha Futerman during one of their recent reunxs (Image: samfuterman/Instagram)


Both were stunned to discover that they were sisters - with Anais being an only child raised in Paris and Samantha one of three children to parents in the US state of New Jersey.


Against all odds, the pair had found each other and unravelled a secret they didn't know existed.

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Anais' paperwork in Busan, South Korea, stated that she was born to a single mum and didn't have any siblings.


She was a fashion design student at Central Saint Martins in London in December 2012 when a friend tagged her in a Facebook post with a screen grab of someone who looked like her.


Anais was raised by French parents in Paris and Brussels (Image: Kickstarter)


Samantha was adopted by an American family and raised in New Jersey (Image: Kickstarter)

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Anais told the Sun: “Clicking through I saw a screenshot of a YouTube video - with me in it. ‘That’s weird,’ I thought, ‘When did I make a video?’ I was sure it was a joke - unless I was so drunk that I’d made a video and didn’t remember."
She did some digging and found videos of her lookalike.


Anais, now living back in Paris, added: “It was the weirdest thing, I just couldn’t understand it. Our hair was the same, the girl even had freckles – which is really unusual for an Asian girl. But she was talking in an American accent."


She tried to stay calm, but she suspected something amazing was unfolding, so she started her online search for the woman.


In February 2013, the same friend spotted the same woman in a trailer for the film 21 and Over.


Now knowing her name, Anais looked up Samantha on Google and discovered they were born on the same day - November 19, 1982 - and she was also from South Korea.


A voice in her head told her: "She's your twin."


Anais called her mum, who was just as excited, and then sent a Facebook message to Samantha.


The twins were unable to find out any information about their birth mother (Image: We Love TV)

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The sisters have been keeping in touch through video calls during the pandemic (Image: Kickstarter)


After getting no reply, she sent a tweet to Samantha telling her to check her Facebook messages.


Samantha, who was getting her nails done at the time, thought someone was using her photo, but her jaw dropped when she read Anais' message.


She started to wonder if they were twins separated at birth, and sent a message to Anais, along with a picture of her adoption records, asking: "Could we be twins?"


A week later, they had their first video call.

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Anais (left) and Samantha attend the New York premiere for the film "Twinsters" in 2015 (Image: Getty Images for The Kindred Fou)


DNA samples sent to an expert confirmed Anais (left) and Samantha are identical twins (Image: GC Images)


Though both nervous, they realised they were incredibly similar and chatted for three hours.


Samantha said: “You know when you hear the echo of your voice on a speakerphone? That’s what it was like when I heard Anais laugh. At 4am we finally said goodbye and I stumbled to bed in shock and awe.”

萨曼莎说:“你知道在电话扬声器里听到自己声音回音的感觉吗? 我听到安纳斯笑的时候就是这感觉。凌晨4点,我们终于说了再见,我在震撼中跌跌撞撞地上床睡觉。”

Three months later, in May 2013, the sisters and their families met in person for the first time in London.


Anais said: “We couldn’t stop staring at each other. But we didn’t hug, it was just too emotional. It felt like she was my mirror, but one that didn’t move the same time as me. Then I reached my hand out, poked her gently on the head and we both started laughing.”


The twins have travelled round the world telling their incredible story (Image: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)


DNA samples sent to an expert in the US confirmed that they were identical twins.


Despite their best efforts, they were unable to track down their birth mother or any details about why they were separated.


Their incredible story was turned into a movie, Twinsters, in 2015.


They have dubbed the day they met as their "twinnerversary", and they had been visiting each other regularly until the coronavirus pandemic began.