In the last 30 years, everybody was talking about the digital revolution. Recently — well, for about 5 years at least — many people in the investment community started looking at blockchain technology—the next gamechanger.


I ignored it at first as I, as a confident follower of Warren Buffett, just shared his point of view — it is a worthless piece of code, and Cryptocurrency doesn’t serve a purpose.

我(原作者Christian Soschner)起初也忽略了这一项技术,因为我是沃伦·巴菲特坚定的追随者。他的重要观点有说到——这是一串没有任何价值的代码,而且加密货币并不能满足需求。

Well, I forgot that it is always about what people make out of technology and what problems they learn to solve.

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It is always about the Use-Cases. Nevertheless, those who take the highest risk by investing early when the Use-Cases are not even developed get the highest rewards.


Amazon IPOed at 18 dollars and now has a value of more than 3,000 dollars. In between were 3 stock splits, two 2:1 and one 3:1 split.


1 share of Amazon for 18 dollars would now be 12 shares at 3,000 dollars each — in total, 36.000 dollars.


Similar to Bitcoin.10,000 bitcoin in 2010 bought two pizzas for 45 dollars, and today it would be worth 60,000 dollars — per coin, in total 600 Million dollars


Those are the rare growth rates early-stage investors are looking for.Making millions out of nothing — not overnight, but over a time period of 20–40 years.


Once technologies are ripe, the growth rates naturally go down, and neither for bitcoin nor for Amazon, I would expect a value inflection in the coming 20 years as it was in the past 10 to 20.


But what should investors invest in who want to see a significant uptake in value in the coming 5–10 years?


According to Cathie Wood from Ark Investment, it is the genomics revolution, and Gene-Editing is part of it.

据来自Ark基金的“牛市女皇”Cathie Wood所看好的,那就是基因组的变革,而且基因编辑就是其中的一部分。

A Brief History of Gene-Editing


For Austrians, Gene Editing is an exciting story to read, as researchers from this country contributed a lot to the development of Gene-Editing.


In the midst of the 19th century, the Austrian monk Gregor Mendel revealed the probability of genes passing from generation to generation. A few years later, the Swiss researcher Friedrich Miescher became the first scientist to identify DNA as a distinct molecule, thanks to his blood cells' study from the pus of discarded bandages.

在19世纪中期,奥地利一个名叫Gregor Mendel的修道士揭示了基因逐代遗传的可能性。若干年后,一个瑞士的研究者,Friedrich Miescher,因为他根据废弃绷带的脓汁所做的血细胞研究,成为了第一个证明了DNA是一种实际的微小分子的科学家。

A century later, the DNA structure discovery occurred, resulting in the entire human genome's sequencing completed in 2003.


In 2012, Jennifer Doudna, Emmanuelle Charpentier, and their teams elucidated CRISPR technology's biochemical mechanism, which resulted in the foundation of CRISPR Technology and the noble prize for Emmannuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna in 2020.

在2012年,Jennifer Doudna、Emmanuelle Charpentier和他们的团队阐明了CRISPR技术的生化机制,这导致了CRISPR Technology组织的建立和2020年他们所获的丰厚的奖品。

What role did Austria play? Emmanuelle Charpentier researched in Austria, where she met Rodger Novak, who led the Austrian company . Both founded CRISPR Therapeutics in 2013.

而其中奥地利扮演了什么角色呢?Emmanuelle Charpentier在奥地利做研究,在这里,她遇到了掌管奥地利公司Nabriva Therapeutics的Rodger Novak。他们于2013年共同成立了CRISPR Therapeutics。
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CRISPR — a molecular Swiss Army Knife


CRISPR is a simple, powerful, and programmable genome-editing tool. An acronym for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, CRISPR is the equivalent of a “molecular Swiss Army Knife” composed of two parts: first, the body, or the ‘guide RNA,’ that isolates the portion of the DNA that a researcher wishes to manipulate and, second, the tool, or ‘nuclease,’ that operates on that stretch of DNA.

CRISPR是一个简单、富含能量和可设计的基因组编辑工具。作为Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats的缩写,CRISPR与分子型瑞士军刀同样有两部分组成:第一,形体部分,相当于“指示RNA”,它使研究者想要去控制的一部分DNA分离出来,第二,工具部分,相当于“RNA酶”,它使DNA链产生作用。

In a simple example of today’s most popular guide-nuclease pairing, CRISPRCas9, CRISPR guides the molecular Swiss Army Knife to a targeted spot in the genome and uses Cas9 as “molecular scissors” to cut the double-strand of DNA. Other nucleases can alter the specificity and cutting efficiency/patterns, target RNA, and address the genome's different stretches. In this paper, “CRISPR” will encompass all CRISPR editing systems and mechanisms of action.


Commercial potential


Gene editing methods historically were expensive and slow. The CRISPR technology does the same work in 25% time consumption and at 5% of the cost. A significant improvement as this development opens up the use of the technology even for high school students — metaphorically speaking.


With the completion of the human genome sequencing, the number of single-gene aberrations known to cause disease jumped from around 100 to nearly 3,000, and more than 200 genes were now lixed to cancer, nearly three times the previous number.


In 2018 Ark Funds issued a report on CRISPR Technology and state right at the beginning:
In fewer than five years, Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR)- genome-editing technology has taken the scientific community by storm and has revolutionized the pace of modern biology, promising an era of curative medicine and rapid biotechnological breakthroughs. Thanks to its accessible cost and ease-of-use, CRISPR has democratized genomeediting. Many companies are deploying the CRISPR platform to commercialize novel therapies and to increase research and development productivity across the drug discovery process, agriculture, diagnostics, chemicals, and material sciences.

在2018年,Ark基金在CRISPR Technology发表了一个报告,并在一开始就确立了其正确性:
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Cathie Woods team believes that CRISPR is one of the breakthrough technologies of this century, and its application in medicine and agriculture is limitless.

Cathie Wood的团队坚信CRISPR是这个世纪突破性的科技之一,而且它在医学和农业的应用是无限的。

One could say it is the internet of developing new innovative and personalized medicine.