Can we normalize men wearing jewelry?


There is nothing gender specific about necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. Historically men have worn jewelry as symbols of wealth, fashion or beauty.
Today, jewelry is typically marketed mainly to women. Can we dismantle this? I think it is cool when guys where jewelry and it looks fashionable on them. One guy I know wears several bracelets and rings and it is dope. I think tiktok is picking up on it, but can we make it so more men feel comfortable doing what ever the fuck they want fashion wise without having negative consequences?
Edit: I am not talking about the occasional chain or a wedding band, I’m talking extravagant and flowery shit that gets labeled feminine so men aren’t typically allowed to wear.
Edit: For those of you still in doubt, when was the last time you saw a men wearing pearls IRL? (Not a celebrity or someone in a music video)
Edit: For those of you who DONT think this is an issue and think it is already normalized. Here are young boys being punished for wearing jewelry to school.
6 year old boy
This one is about nail polish but the handbook also forbids men from wearing jewelry to school.
Barbers Hill prevents men from wearing earrings.
The army only allows women to wear earrings.
This boy was threatened with suspension for having pierced ears. Girls are allowed piercings.
5 year old boy threatened with suspension for having earrings.
12 year old boy not allowed to wear earrings
Prep Wahler Middle School, “boys are not allowed to wear earrings to school."
This boy was criticized for long hair. "The dress code, which states 'no ponytails, male buns, or puff balls are allowed on male students.' Also, hair can't extend past the top of a collar.
"And the superintendent then gave my three options, he told me that I could either cut it, braid it and pin it up, or put my grandson in a dress and send him to school and when prompted my grandson must say he's a girl,"
Lol China edits out men's earrings on TV.
15 year old boy not allowed to wear earrings.