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Take it seriously. Get those troops out of the Caribbean and move them to Boston.Work with John and Sam Adams toward a solution, rather than getting them to inspire a national rebellion.Employ/recruit the 1/2 of American colonists (exact numbers are unknown) that remained loyal to the Crown.Get better mercenaries. The Hessians from Germany were notorious for going AWOL. At least 1/4 shed their uniforms and walked away.
Save money for emergencies. Too much money had been spent recently on fighting France and Spain. Britain's debt was too burdensome throughout the war to launch the massive naval assault against the French fleet keeping them (literally) at bay.

1. 认真对待。把军队撤出加勒比海,转移到波士顿。
2. 和约翰·亚当斯(美国第二任总统)和萨姆·亚当斯一起寻找解决方案,而不是让他们激起一场全国性的叛乱。
3. 雇佣、招募1/2的美国殖民者(确切数字不详)忠于英国王室。
4. 获得更好的雇佣兵。德国黑森人擅离职守是出了名的,至少四分之一的人脱下制服,走了。
5. 存钱以备不时之需。最近在与法国和西班牙的战争中花费了太多的钱。在整个战争期间,英国的债务负担太重,无法对法国舰队发动大规模的海军攻击,使他们(字面上)陷入困境。

Develop a better marketing strategy. Rather than pointing to the flaws in Jefferson's Declaration of Independence, they let it inspire Lafayette, Pulaski, von Steuben and a heck of a lot of their own officers to support the colonies.
Use overwhelming force before the French and Spanish forces came in.
Take the Boston Tea party seriously. A rebellion was brewing and Britain assumed, erroneously, that it would not spread.

6. 制定更好的营销策略。他们没有指出杰斐逊的《独立宣言》中的缺陷,而是让它激励了拉斐特、普拉斯基、冯·斯图本以及他们自己的一大批军官去支持殖民地。
7. 在法国和西班牙军队入侵之前使用压倒性的武力。
8. 认真对待波士顿倾茶事件。叛乱正在酝酿,而英国错误地认为叛乱不会蔓延。

Stay out of the south. Britain decided to focus on the southern states that had been generally sympathetic to the Crown. Instead, their aggression inspired hatred and rebellion by the southern colonists.
Follow orders. The battle of Saratoga might have ended the war in 1777, but General Howe defied orders, going to Philadelphia instead.
Fight a stalemated war of attrition. Instead, Britain went for the jugular, time after time.
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9. 远离南方。英国决定将重点放在南部各州,这些州通常对国王表示同情。相反,他们的侵略激起了南方殖民者的仇恨和反叛。
10. 服从命令。萨拉托加战役本可以在1777年结束这场战争,但豪将军违抗命令,前往费城。
11. 应该打一场消耗战。而不是像英国这样一次又一次地把矛头指向了要害。