What's it like to have sex in a car?


Alice Tsymbarevich, I know the ABC of kink
First thing - don't forget the parking brake!


Weirdly enough, it's awesome, but you just need the right car. I have had sex in four different cars and I haven't figured out what made one car better than another; yet, there was a clear leader (or perhaps it was a combination of the car + the man who knew how to navigate his movements around the cramped space).


It's absolutely great if you find the right way to position yourselves, the right places for leverage, the right handles and the right footholds. After that you just brace yourself and go to town! If the car is parked in a good spot that is unlikely to be disturbed or discovered, you can relax and let yourself go. If not, perhaps you may be thrilled by the possibility of someone walking by. (In all cases but two, there always was someone walking by. Those people walking their dogs will find any desolate path somehow!)


Otherwise, a car is a wonderfully versatile location. You can lie back with your legs on the dashboard. You can stick your legs or one of them out of the window. You can straddle your partner this or that way or lean over from the other seat. You can step outside and lean against the car, having sex standing up (but be careful, leaning hard can bend the exterior paneling!). You can shift seats this and that way, get comfortable around the back seat... if you have a van or a pickup truck, you're even luckier.

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(Some also get kinky by putting a condom over the gear stick, if you get what I mean... I haven't tried that but it's tempting.)


Then you get the chore of wiping all the windows clean of fog, so keep your car stocked on wiping tissues or paper towels :) And make sure you don't litter with your condoms around the car! There are trash cans for that, you know.