The notorious pedophile reportedly threatened to reveal the tech billionaire’s affair with a younger woman
Jeffrey Epsten discovered that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates had an affair with a Russian bridge player and paid for the woman’s education before asking for reimbursement from Gates in exchange for his silence, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.
Gates met Mila Antonova around 2010, when he was in his mid-50s and she was in her 20s. Epstein met her three years later and paid for her to attend a software coding school, before emailing Gates in 2017 and asking for the cost of her tuition, the newspaper claimed, citing “people familiar with the matter.”

据《华尔街日报》报道,臭名昭著的恋童癖者杰弗里·爱泼斯坦曾威胁技术大亨比尔·盖茨,称知道盖茨和一位年轻的俄罗斯桥牌选手有染,并支付该女子的学费,要求盖茨赔款以保持沉默。盖茨在2010年左右与米拉·安东诺娃相遇,当时他约50多岁,而安东诺娃则在20多岁。该报援引 "熟悉此事的人士 "的话称,爱泼斯坦在三年后认识了她,并支付了她在一所软件编码学校的学费,然后在2017年给盖茨发电子邮件,要求支付她的学费。

Gates’ relationship with Epstein would eventually be the undoing of his 27-year marriage to Melinda French Gates. A year after divorcing the software magnate, French Gates told CBS News in 2022 that her ex-husband’s relationship with Epstein was “one of many things” that led to the split.

盖茨与爱泼斯坦的关系最终毁掉了他与梅琳达·法伦斯·盖茨27年的婚姻。在与盖茨离婚一年后,法伦斯·盖茨在2022年接受 CBS 新闻采访时表示,她前夫与爱泼斯坦的关系是导致他们分手的“诸多原因之一”。

Epstein and Gates first met in 2011, after Epstein had already been convicted for soliciting a child for prostitution. The pair met “many times,” according to a 2019 New York Times report, with Gates telling colleagues that he found Epstein’s lifestyle “very different and kind of intriguing, although it would not work for me.”
Gates now describes his relationship with Epstein as “a mistake,” and told CBS News that he should have taken his ex-wife’s advice and cut ties with the child molester “sooner than I did.”
The cost of Antonova’s coding classes was “immaterial for the two men,” and Gates did not pay, the Wall Street Journal’s sources said. They described Epstein’s email as a means of telling Gates that he “knew about the affair and could expose it.”

据2019年《纽约时报》的报道,爱泼斯坦已经因招收儿童卖淫罪被定罪,与盖茨在2011年首次相遇。据称,这对男子“多次见面”,盖茨告诉同事,他认为爱泼斯坦的生活方式“非常不同和有趣,尽管这对我行不通”。盖茨现在称与爱泼斯坦的关系是“一个错误”,并告诉CBS News,他应该早点接受前妻的建议,与这名儿童性侵犯罪者切断关系。据《华尔街日报》的消息人士称,安东诺娃的编码课的费用对这两个人来说“微不足道”,盖茨也没有支付。他们将爱泼斯坦的电子邮件描述为一种告诉盖茨他“知道这段恋情,并且可能揭露它”的手段。

Epstein was arrested in 2019 and charged with the sex trafficking of dozens of underage girls, but was found dead in his Manhattan jail cell before he could be brought to trial. His death was ruled a suicide, although this official explanation was met with widespread skepticism, due to his close ties to wealthy and powerful figures, including former US President Bill Clinton, current CIA Director William Burns, and Britain’s Prince Andrew.