Regardless of which country you are from, you might think that those getting into top universities are set for life. Because that means you will probably get high-paying jobs in big companies right out of college, right? But what does it mean to get into top universities in the Philippines and how worried are the students about their future and the local economy? Our Asian Boss reporter was able to visit the University of the Philippines, arguably the most prestigious university in the Philippines, and speak with some of the students there.

无论你来自哪个国家,你都可能会认为那些进入顶尖大学的人这辈子就稳了。因为这意味着你在大学毕业后就能在大公司找到高薪工作,对吧?但进入菲律宾顶尖大学意味着什么?学生们对自己的未来和当地经济有多担忧?我们的“Asian Boss”记者来到了菲律宾大学,这所大学可以说是菲律宾最负盛名的大学,与那里的一些学生进行交谈。