A Virginia homeowner shot a naked woman in the leg after she allegedly broke into his home and attacked him with a frying pan, according to authorities.

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Carroll County Sheriff's Office deputies initially responded to reports of a shooting on Loafers Rest Road in Austinsville on Feb. 26 and located Paula Michelle Locklear, 35, with a gunshot wound to the leg.

卡罗尔县警长办公室警察助理首先向记者回答了2月26日在奥斯汀斯维尔的乐福鞋休息路(Loafers Rest Road)发生的枪击事件,并找到了35岁的宝拉·米歇尔·洛克利尔(Paula Michelle Locklear),其腿部受了枪伤。

"During the course of the investigation, deputies determined that the shooting was the result of a breaking and entering," the sheriff's office said in a Sunday Facebook post. "The homeowner, who heard a noise at the rear area of the home, went to the kitchen and observed an unclothed female, who was unknown to the homeowner, coming into the rear door at which time [she] began hitting the homeowner with a cast iron fry pan in the head."


The victim was eventually able to kick Locklear out of his home and secure his door.


Paula Locklear has been charged with breaking and entering with a weapon, assault and battery, and property damage. (Carroll County Sheriff's Office)


Locklear then allegedly went on the homeowner's back porch and "began turning all the electrical breakers off to the home and started beating on the kitchen window," the sheriff's office said.

“洛克利尔据说随后来到屋主的后廊,并且“开始关闭其家里所有的电闸,并开始敲打厨房的窗户。” 警长办公室表示。

She yelled at the victim to "get out of her house or she was going to kill him," and began beating on the victim's door, at which point he discharged a firearm and shot Locklear in the leg, according to authorities.


A Virginia homeowner shot Paula Locklear in the leg after she allegedly broke into his home, naked, and attacked him with an iron skillet. (Facebook)


Virginia officials charged Locklear with felony breaking and entering while armed; assault and battery; and property damage.


The 35-year-old suspect is being held without bond pending her arraignment in the Carroll County General District Court.


The homeowner is not facing any charges after the Carroll County Commonwealth Attorney Roger Brooks determined that he was acting in self-defense.

卡罗尔县联邦检察官罗杰·布鲁克斯(Roger Brooks)判定这名房主是出于自卫,因此他不会面临任何指控。