Would you buy a Chinese car?
So with the new Chinese cars about to come to the UK like the Ora Funky Cat, Wey Coffee, BYD Atto or the MG cars, would you buy one? They seem to be cheap with great Euro NCAP safety ratings and seem amazing value for money. Does the fact theyre made in China and some owned by the Chinese govt put you off or is this the way car production is going?

随着中国新车陆续进入英国市场,比如Ora Funky Cat(注:欧拉好猫)、Wey Coffee(摩卡)、比亚迪Atto或MG(注:名爵,现属于上汽)汽车,你会买一辆吗?这些车都很便宜,但让具有很高的欧洲NCAP安全评级,物有所值。有些车是中国制造,有些是中国国企制造,这让你有所顾忌么?或者这就是汽车生产的发展方向吗?