​According to the official website, Game Science plans to sell Black Myth: Wukong for a one-time purchase. Post-launch DLCs and in-game purchases are potential later additions, The official website also mentions the producer's penchant for co-op, hinting that it could be a feature.


The game will be released for PC and mainstream consoles (likely PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X), though cloud platforms are also being considered. On PC, Black Myth: Wukong will support ray traced effects and DLSS 3 thanks to a partnership with NVIDIA.

游戏将在PC和主流主机上发布(可能是PlayStation 5和Xbox Series S|X),尽管云平台也在考虑之中。在PC端,由于与NVIDIA的合作,《黑色神话:悟空》将支持光线追踪效果和DLSS 3。