Football fans around the world have their eyes on Qatar, where the World Cup has started, with the host nation losing its first match on Sunday. The tournament is highly controversial, and expensive.


The costs have already exceeded 200 billion dollars and could go even higher. The scale of Qatar’s investment is unparalleled. Previously, the most expensive World Cups were the 2014 tournament in Brazil and Russia in 2018, which both cost less than 15 billion dollars. The 2006 World Cup in Germany cost just 4.3 billion.


Why the high cost? Infrastructure doesn't come cheap. That includes new stadiums at a cost of 6.5 billion dollars: Sevem of the eight World Cup venues have been built from scratch. Then there's non-football infrastructure. Qatar built a new metro system, an international airport, roads, hotels and leisure amenities.

为什么成本这么高? 基础设施建设并不便宜。其中包括耗资65亿美元的新体育场:8个世界杯场馆中有5个是从零开始建造的。此外还有非足球基础设施。卡塔尔修建了一个新的地铁系统、一个国际机场、道路、酒店和休闲设施。

Much of it is part of the Gulf state's wider public investment project, known as Qatar National Vision 2030.