On October 29, 2022 a deadly crowd crush occurred in Itaewon, Seoul where 156 innocent people have lost their lives, including 26 foreigners. The incident sent shock waves across Korea and the expat community, mainly because Itaewon is such a popular international district for foreign residents. We gathered a group of foreigners who wanted to voice their opinions on this issue and talk about what Itaewon means to them. The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of ASIAN BOSS or the general Korean population and its expat community.

2022年10月29日,首尔梨泰院发生了致命的踩踏事件,导致包括26名外国人在内的156名无辜群众丧生。这一事件在韩国人以及外国人社区中引发了一场冲击波,主要是因为梨泰院是非常受外国居民欢迎的国际化社区。我们召集了一群想要对这个问题发表看法的外国人 ,并讨论梨泰院对他们的意义。本视频所表达的观点仅为受访者的个人观点,并不代表AsianBoss或者一般韩国人以及外籍人士的普遍观点。