Mike Little
I was NEVER going to get married. Marriage wasn’t for me. No way. If I met someone and lived with them forever, fine, but not marriage.
Our first date was almost an accident. Long story, but true. She was smart, pretty, accomplished, but not my type. But somehow a second, third, fourth, date occurred. My friends were puzzled. “She’s so quiet, so demure. Not your type.” I was still a bit puzzled myself. But intrigued. She had a solid core, was hearty, resilient, and funny. (We hiked and backpacked a lot.)
We married 8 months later, 41 years, 2 kids, and 5 grandkids ago. She’s right here beside me. She’s still lovely and, to me, very attractive. I can tell that other men in our age group see her the same way.
Finally, what’s more pathetic than an old man imagining that someone 30, 40 years younger will find him attractive?