Everybody’s talking about She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, specifically the post-credit scene which, rather than tee up a new villain or lay the groundwork for an elaborate new story arc, put a few minutes aside to delve into the subject of Captain America’s sexual history – specifically, whether or not he was a virgin. While Jennifer Walters laments the unfulfilled sexual potential of America’s ass, her cousin Bruce corrects her, claiming that Steve Rogers hooked up with someone at a 1940s USO show, Bob Hope-style.

如今每个人都在谈论女浩克:法律代理人,特别是信贷危机之后的场景——比起树立起新的反派和讲述一个新的故事——更多地花了几分钟时间在讨论美国队长的性史的问题上,特别是他是否还保有童贞。当Jennifer Walters哀叹美国翘臀未实现其价值时,她的哥哥布鲁斯·班纳纠正了她,声称史蒂夫·罗杰斯在20世纪40年代的一场USOshow——Bob Hope-style——上就勾搭上别人了。

While there has been some speculation in the past that Cap was a virgin, by the climax of Endgame – in which we learn that Steve Rogers traveled back in time to be with Peggy Carter, possibly ruining some poor guy’s life in the process – it’s pretty clear that he got laid at some point over the decades. But just in case there was any confusion about Cap’s virility before that, now they’ve been laid to rest by She-Hulk.

尽管过去有一些猜测认为队长是童男,但在复联4中,我们看到队长穿越时空和Peggy Carter又在一起了,可能是这一过程中毁了一些可怜家伙的生活,很明显了,,他在过去的几十年里的某个时间点上发生关系了。 为了以防有人怀疑队长的男性功能,现在由女浩克解开了。
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But who is this mystery woman who deflowered Captain America? Could it be … Star-Lord’s grandma? In Captain America: The First Avenger, we see Steve making appearances at various USO shows; at one point, he runs into a thirsty autograph-seeking female fan, and the pair make eyes at each other – which, in 1943, was basically hard-core pornography.

但是谁是这个夺去了队长童贞的女人,是星爵的奶奶吗?在《美国队长》中,我们看到史蒂夫在各种的USO show上露面,有一场当中,他遇到了一位渴望签名的女粉丝,两人互相对视——这在1943年基本上就是一部动作大片了。

The role was played by actress Laura Haddock, who later showed up in the MCU as Meredith Quill, Star-Lord’s mother.
And because Marvel fans demand air-tight logic in this fictional universe filled with aliens, wizards, and foul-mouthed talking ducks, some fans questioned why Star-Lord’s mom was palling around with Captain America in the 1940s, leading Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn to randomly proclaim in a Tweet that this “Autograph Seeker” was, in fact, Peter Quill’s grandmother.

该角色由女演员Laura Haddock饰演,之后她曾在漫威宇宙中饰演Meredith Quill,星爵的妈妈。

Although, since Gunn later dexed the Tweet, we're guessing that this jokey social media post isn’t technically considered part of the MCU canon. But until anyone says otherwise, we’re going to assume that Steve Rogers totally got it on with Star-Lord’s grandma, presumably while being pervily observed by Uatu the Watcher.


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