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Lives in the USAUpvoted by Roland H. Gotmer, lives in The United States of America (2006-present) and Eric Warner, former U.S. Coast Guard (Enlisted) at United States Armed Forces(19901994)

居住在美利坚合众国(2006 年至今) 和 埃里克·华纳,美国武装部队前美国海岸警卫队 (入伍) (1990-1994)

This question is obviously asked by someone who is not from the USA (no offense intended).


The US government would not allow its citizens to resist an invasion. The US government would not be able to prevent its citizens from resisting an invasion.


The USA is unlike mainland Europe in many ways, but a big one is geographically. In Europe, there are not that many places where an insurgency could “hide out,” outside of the Alps. In the USA, there are vast tracts of land with very little human involvement, and also vast tracts of land that are so secluded that they may as well be considered “wilderness.”

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Any invading force, even if it somehow managed to take over a bunch of territory, would quickly learn that moving more than a few dozen miles inland from any coast involves very serious risks.


North Carolina down to Florida, across to Louisiana? Better bring your waders, because you are in swamp territory.


New England? Dense forests.


The Midwest - from Ohio to Minnesota down to Arkansas and Tennessee? Lots of open land, forests and swampy areas.


The West - Dakotas to Idaho down to Oklahoma? Good luck supplying any sizable military force, let alone waging an effective campaign.


Texas? - I think that question answers itself.


Mountain states? - again, think the Alps, but without populated Switzerland, and far, far larger.


Hawaii? - Tons of islands, and a lot of jungle areas.


Alaska? - see Texas.


The only way to defeat the USA is to occupy it, and that would take minimum 10 million men, probably more. Occupying the major cities and coastal areas only means that, farther inland, millions of Americans are getting ready to drive you out.


Sure this guy doesn’t look too terrifying does he?


How about her?


Or them?


Or them?


Now add about 100 million to that total, 20 million of which are veterans…..I would advise against it.
On the flipside, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to invade us. If they want our politicians that badly we will give them up for free…heck we will pay you to take them off our hands.