Vijaya Lakshmi
We have completed 47 years of our married life just 3 days back.


The 47 years journey was beautiful with all its imperfections.

尽管有不完美的地方, 这47年的旅程还是美丽的。

This is us when we were about to marry.(they are two separate photos) I had fallen for his thick wavy hair!

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This is us two years back:


You might have noticed how his hair has receded. Some times he says humorously “Shall I wear a wig? I will look more young”


But I cannot imagine him with lot of hair. His hairless head looks rather cute to me.


“I need not wear any wig. But shall I color my hair?” I say mischievously (though I don’t like)


“NOOOOOO” he shouts .


“When you sit before computer with that white hair, you look so graceful .”


So How do married people stay in love with their spouse when they are old, wrinkled, and grey?


By looking at the inner beauty of each other…by admiring the success in carrying the responsibilities of his/her spouse…by feeling proud of their children and grand children…by constantly remembering the ups and downs they had gone through and appreciating each other for helping each other in those ups and downs…

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By admiring the beauty of imperfections in life!