Studying business management in college. This quote was from my personal finance class. I’m blown away lol.

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Calculate the Future Value of the Benefit


An employer that provides a 401(k) retirement plan offers a valuable benefit. Hopefully, your employer will offer a matching contribution as a nudge to get you to do the right thing in preparing for retirement.Another nudge is to sign up for payroll deduction so you never see the money.

一位提供401(K)退休计划的雇主为你提供的这份福利是极有价值的。但愿你的雇主用提供足额的缴纳金额来推动 你为将来退休做好适当的准备。另一个助力是薪资代扣所以你永远不用见到这笔钱。

If an employer provides a match of $3,000 a year to your $3,000 in contributions, all the money in the account will grow free of income taxes until the funds are withdrawn. Over 20 years, the annual employee and employer contributions of $6,000 growing at 6 percent annually will be about $240,000 (using Appendix A.3). At 8 percent interest it grows to over $302,000.

如果雇主每年为你提供3,000 美元缴纳金额加上你自己缴纳的3000美元,则所有在这一账户的钱将免征所得税直到你将这笔钱提取出来。年度内雇主和雇员所缴纳的6000美元如果以每年百分之六的速度增长,在20年后将会是大约24000美元(数据引用自AppendixA.3)在利息为百分之八的情况下这笔钱会增长到超过302000美元
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If working full-time does not earn you enough to pay all the bills, there is no excuse not to have a side job in the gig economy. The options are virtually unlimited. Remember, too, that this income is not to pad an entertainment budget; it is to fund your retirement plan.

(楼主重点圈出)如果全职工作不足以支付你所有的账单,那么你就没有不去做兼职的理由在打零工市场中你的选择几乎是无限的。还要记住,这笔打零工得来的收入不是用来支付你的娱乐预算的; 它是为了支持你的退休计划。