作者:凯文·凯利(Kevin Kelly),即KK,硅谷大佬,人称“硅谷精神之父”,凯文·凯利被看作是“网络文化”(Cyberculture)的发言人和观察者,互联网最著名的预言家,代表作:《失控》、《科技想要什么》、《必然》,《连线》(Wired)杂志创始主编。[ 来源:百科]


Today is my birthday. I turn 70. I’ve learned a few things so far that might be helpful to others. For the past few years, I’ve jotted down bits of unsolicited advice each year and much to my surprise I have more to add this year. So here is my birthday gift to you all: 103 bits of wisdom I wish I had known when I was young.


· About 99% of the time, the right time is right now.

· 99%的时候,正确的时间就是现在。

· No one is as impressed with your possessions as you are.

· 没有人比你更在意你的财产。

· Dont ever work for someone you dont want to become.

· 永远不要为你不想成为的人工作。

· Cultivate 12 people who love you, because they are worth more than 12 million people who like you.

· 培养12个爱你的人,这比1200万个喜欢你的人更有价值。

· Dont keep making the same mistakes; try to make new mistakes.

· 不要一直犯同样的错误,尝试犯点新的错误。

· If you stop to listen to a musician or street performer for more than a minute, you owe them a dollar.

· 如果你停下来听一个音乐家或者街头艺人表演超过一分钟,你就欠他们一美元。
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· Anything you say before the word “but” does not count.

· 在“但是”之前说的任何话都不算数。
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· When you forgive others, they may not notice, but you will heal. Forgiveness is not something we do for others; it is a gift to ourselves.

· 原谅他人,他人可能不会注意到,但这会让你治愈自己,宽恕不是我们为别人做的事情,而是给我们自己的礼物。

· Courtesy costs nothing. Lower the toilet seat after use. Let the people in the elevator exit before you enter. Return shopping carts to their designated areas. When you borrow something, return it better shape (filled up, cleaned) than when you got it.

· 有礼惠而不费,用完马桶放下座圈,让电梯里的人先出你再进去,把购物车归还到指定的区域,借了别人东西照原样归还( 比如车子加满油,洗个车) 。

· Whenever there is an argument between two sides, find the third side.

· 无论何时双方发生争执,去找个第三方。

· Efficiency is highly overrated; Goofing off is highly underrated. Regularly scheduled sabbaths, sabbaticals, vacations, breaks, aimless walks and time off are essential for top performance of any kind. The best work ethic requires a good rest ethic.

· 效率被高估了,消磨时间被严重低估了,定期安排安息日、休息日、假期、休息、漫无目的的散步和休息对于任何形式的顶级表现都是必不可少的,最好的职业道德需要良好的休息道德。

· When you lead, your real job is to create more leaders, not more followers.

· 做领导,真正要做的是培养更多的领导者,而非更多的追随者。

· Criticize in private, praise in public.

· 私下批评,公开表扬。

· Life lessons will be presented to you in the order they are needed. Everything you need to master the lesson is within you. Once you have truly learned a lesson, you will be presented with the next one. If you are alive, that means you still have lessons to learn.

· 人生这门课程会按照需要的顺序呈现给你,掌握这门课所需要的一切都在你自身,等你真正吸取了一个教训,你就会面临下一个教训,只要你还活着,那就意味着你还有很多东西要学。

· It is the duty of a student to get everything out of a teacher, and the duty of a teacher to get everything out of a student.

· 从老师那里得到一切是学生的责任,从学生那里得到一切是教师的责任。

· If winning becomes too important in a game, change the rules to make it more fun. Changing rules can become the new game.

· 如果赢在游戏中变得过于重要,那就改变规则,让它变得更有趣,规则一改变它就是一个新的游戏。
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· Ask funders for money, and they’ll give you advice; but ask for advice and they’ll give you money.

· 向投资者要钱,他们会给你建议,但是向他们要建议,他们会给你钱。

· Productivity is often a distraction. Don’t aim for better ways to get through your tasks as quickly as possible, rather aim for better tasks that you never want to stop doing.

· 生产力通常是一种干扰,不要以更好的方式尽快完成任务为目标,而应该以更好的任务为目标,去寻找你永远不想停止做的任务。

· Immediately pay what you owe to vendors, workers, contractors. They will go out of their way to work with you first next time.

· 立即偿还你欠供应商、工人和承包商的债务,下次他们会不遗余力地第一个与你合作。

· The biggest lie we tell ourselves is “I dont need to write this down because I will remember it.”

· 我们对自己撒下的最大谎是:“我不需要写下来,我会记住它。”
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· Your growth as a conscious being is measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations you are willing to have.

· 作为一个有意识的人,你的成长取决于你愿意进行多少次不舒服的对话。

· Speak confidently as if you are right, but listen carefully as if you are wrong.

· 说话要自信,要觉得自己是对的,但听话要仔细,要觉得自己是错的。

· Handy measure: the distance between your fingertips of your outstretched arms at shoulder level is your height.

· 一种便捷的测量方式:伸展双臂与肩同高,两个指尖的距离就是你的身高。

· The consistency of your endeavors (exercise, companionship, work) is more important than the quantity. Nothing beats small things done every day, which is way more important than what you do occasionally.

· 你所做的努力(锻炼、陪伴、工作)的连贯性比数量更重要,每天坚持做一些小事远比你偶尔做些事情更重要。

· Making art is not selfish; it’s for the rest of us. If you don’t do your thing, you are cheating us.

· 搞艺术不是自私的,而是为了我们其他人,如果你不做好你的本职工作,你就是在欺骗我们。

· Never ask a woman if she is pregnant. Let her tell you if she is.

· 永远不要问女性有没有怀孕,如果她怀孕了,请让她自己告诉你。
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· Three things you need: The ability to not give up something till it works, the ability to give up something that does not work, and the trust in other people to help you distinguish between the two.

· 你需要三样东西:成功之前不放弃的能力,放弃不成功的能力,以及帮助你区分这两者的能力。

· When public speaking, pause frequently. Pause before you say something in a new way, pause after you have said something you believe is important, and pause as a relief to let listeners absorb details.

· 公开演讲时,要经常停顿,在你用一种新的方式说话之前暂停一下,在你要说你认为很重要的事情之后暂停一下,暂停一下,让听众能够理解细节。

· There is no such thing as being “on time.” You are either late or you are early. Your choice.

· 没有“准时”这回事,你要么迟到,要么早到,你看着办。

· Ask anyone you admire: Their lucky breaks happened on a detour from their main goal. So embrace detours. Life is not a straight line for anyone.

· 问问你钦佩的任何人: 他们的幸运时刻发生在偏离主要目标的路上,所以,走走弯路吧,生活对任何人来说都不是一条直线。

· The best way to get a correct answer on the internet is to post an obviously wrong answer and wait for someone to correct you.

· 在互联网上获得正确答案的最佳方式是发布一个明显错误的答案,然后等待别人来纠正你。

· You’ll get 10x better results by elevating good behavior rather than punishing bad behavior, especially in children and animals.

· 奖励好的行为,而不是惩罚坏的行为,你会得到10倍的好结果,尤其是在儿童和动物身上效果明显。

· Spend as much time crafting the subject line of an email as the message itself because the subject line is often the only thing people read.

· 花尽可能多的时间设计一封电子邮件的标题,因为它往往是人们阅读的唯一内容。

· Don’t wait for the storm to pass; dance in the rain.

· 不要等待暴风雨过去,要在雨中起舞。

· When checking references for a job applicant, employers may be reluctant or prohibited from saying anything negative, so leave or send a message that says, “Get back to me if you highly recommend this applicant as super great.” If they don’t reply take that as a negative.

· 在查看求职者的推荐信时,雇主可能不愿或被禁止说任何负面的话,所以请留下或发送一个信息说:"如果你强烈推荐这位求职者,认为他很棒,请给我回信 ", 如果他们不回复,就视为是一种否定。
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· Use a password manager: Safer, easier, better.

· 使用密码管理器: 更安全、更简单、更好。

· Half the skill of being educated is learning what you can ignore.

· 受教育,其中一半技能是让你学会可以忽略一些东西。
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· The advantage of a ridiculously ambitious goal is that it sets the bar very high so even in failure it may be a success measured by the ordinary.

· 一个荒唐的、雄心勃勃的目标的优势在于,它设定的标准非常高,因此即使失败了,按普通标准来衡量,它也可能是一种成功。

· A great way to understand yourself is to seriously reflect on everything you find irritating in others.

· 了解自己的一个好方法是认真地反思别人身上让你反感的一切。

· Keep all your things visible in a hotel room, not in drawers, and all gathered into one spot. That way you’ll never leave anything behind. If you need to have something like a charger off to the side, place a couple of other large items next to it, because you are less likely to leave 3 items behind than just one.

· 在酒店房间里要把你所有的东西都放在显眼的位置,并且集中在一个地方,不要放在抽屉里,这样你就不会落下任何东西,如果你需要一个类似充电器这样的东西(独立)放在一边,那就在它旁边放几件其它的大件物品,落下三件物品的可能性比只落下一件小。
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· Denying or deflecting a compliment is rude. Accept it with thanks, even if you believe it is not deserved.

· 拒绝或回避赞美是不礼貌的,即使你认为自己不配,也要带着感谢接受它。

· Always read the plaque next to the monument.

· 始终记得阅读纪念碑旁边的牌匾。

· When you have some success, the feeling of being an imposter can be real. Who am I fooling? But when you create things that only you — with your unique talents and experience — can do, then you are absolutely not an imposter. You are the ordained. It is your duty to work on things that only you can do.

· 当你取得一些成功时,自感欺世盗名——这很可能是真的,我欺骗了谁?但是,当你创造出只有你自己——凭借你独特的才能和经验——才能做到的事情时,你就绝对不是一个欺世盗名者,而是豫定者,你有责任去做那些只有你能做的事情。

· What you do on your bad days matters more than what you do on your good days.

· 你在逆境中的所做的,比你在顺境里所做的更重要。

· Make stuff that is good for people to have.

· 做一些对人们有益的东西。

· When you open paint, even a tiny bit, it will always find its way to your clothes no matter how careful you are. Dress accordingly.

· 当你打开油漆,哪怕只用一丁点,无论你多么小心,它总会沾到你的衣服,准备好换衣服吧。
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· To keep young kids behaving on a car road trip, have a bag of their favorite candy and throw a piece out the window each time they misbehave.

· 为了让小孩子在自驾旅行中表现得规规矩矩,买一袋他们最喜欢的糖果,每当他们表现不好的时候,就向窗外扔一块。

· You cannot get smart people to work extremely hard just for money.

· 你无法让聪明人仅仅为了钱而奋力工作。

· When you don’t know how much to pay someone for a particular task, ask them “what would be fair” and their answer usually is.

· 如果你不知道某项特定任务该付给某人多少钱,那就问问他们“ 您觉得什么价钱公道”,往往他们的回答就是答案。
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· 90% of everything is crap. If you think you don’t like opera, romance novels, TikTok, country music, vegan food, NFTs, keep trying to see if you can find the 10% that is not crap.

· 90% 的东西都是垃圾,如果你觉得你不喜欢歌剧,爱情小说,抖音,乡村音乐,纯素食,NFT,你可以继续尝试,看看你能否找到那不是垃圾的10% 。
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· You will be judged on how well you treat those who can do nothing for you.

· 人们会根据你对那些于你无益的人态度来评判你。

· We tend to overestimate what we can do in a day, and underestimate what we can achieve in a decade. Miraculous things can be accomplished if you give it ten years. A long game will compound small gains to overcome even big mistakes.

· 我们倾向于高估自己一天能做的事情,而低估自己十年内能实现的目标,如果肯花上十年的时间,奇迹是可以实现的,长期坚持将使小的收益复合化,从而甚至克服大的错误。

· Thank a teacher who changed your life.

· 感谢那位改变了你一生的老师。
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· You cant reason someone out of a notion that they didn’t reason themselves into.

· 你无法说服一个自己都没法说服自己的人。

· Your best job will be one that you were unqualified for because it stretches you. In fact only apply to jobs you are unqualified for.

· 你最好的工作可能是一份你不能胜任的工作,因为它能激发你的潜力,事实上,就应该去申请你不能胜任的工作。
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· Buy used books. They have the same words as the new ones. Also libraries.

· 买二手书,里面的内容和新书一样,去图书馆也是一样的道理。

· You can be whatever you want, so be the person who ends meetings early.

· 你可以成为任何你想成为的人,所以请做那个提前结束会议的人。

· A wise man said, “Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates. At the first gate, ask yourself, “Is it true?” At the second gate ask, “Is it necessary?” At the third gate ask, “Is it kind?”

· 一位智者曾说:在你开口之前,让你的话通过三道门,在第一道门口,问问自己:“是真的吗?”,在第二道门口问:“有必要吗?”,在第三道门口问 : “友善吗?”

· Take the stairs.

· 走楼梯。
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· What you actually pay for something is at least twice the listed price because of the energy, time, money needed to set it up, learn, maintain, repair, and dispose of at the end. Not all prices appear on labels. Actual costs are 2x listed prices.

· 你为某件东西实际支付的价格至少是标价的两倍,因为你需要花费精力、时间和金钱来设置、学习、维护、修理和最终处置它,并不是所有的价格都会出现在标签上,实际成本是标价的2倍。

· When you arrive at your room in a hotel, locate the emergency exits. It only takes a minute.

· 当你到达酒店房间时,去找找紧急出口在哪,这只需要一分钟的时间。

· The only productive way to answer “what should I do now?” is to first tackle the question of “who should I become?”

· 回答“ 我现在应该怎么做? ”的唯一有效方式就是首先解决“我应该成为什么样的人?”

· Average returns sustained over an above-average period of time yield extraordinary results. Buy and hold.

· 在高于平均水平的一段时间内保持的平均回报率会产生非凡的结果,要买持长线。

· It’s thrilling to be extremely polite to rude strangers.

· 对无礼的陌生人极度礼貌是很刺激的。

· It’s possible that a not-so smart person, who can communicate well, can do much better than a super smart person who can’t communicate well. That is good news because it is much easier to improve your communication skills than your intelligence.

· 一个不太聪明的人,如果能很好地沟通,可能比一个不能很好沟通的超级聪明人做得更好——这是一个好消息,因为提高你的沟通能力比提高你的智力要容易得多。
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· Getting cheated occasionally is the small price for trusting the best of everyone, because when you trust the best in others, they generally treat you best.

· 偶尔受骗是相信每个人都有最好一面的小小代价,因为当你相信别人最好一面的时候,他们通常也会对你最好。

· Art is whatever you can get away with.

· 艺术就是任何你能让逃离的东西。

· For the best results with your children, spend only half the money you think you should, but double the time with them.

· 要想给孩子带来最好的结果,只花你认为应该花的一半的钱,但要花双倍的时间陪他们。
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· Purchase the most recent tourist guidebook to your home town or region. You’ll learn a lot by playing the tourist once a year.

· 购买家乡或地区最新的旅游指南,每年扮演一次游客,你会学到很多东西。

· Dont wait in line to eat something famous. It is rarely worth the wait.

· 不要为了吃某道名菜而去排队等候,不值得。

· To rapidly reveal the true character of a person you just met, move them onto an abysmally slow internet connection. Observe.

· 要迅速弄清刚认识的一个人的真实性格,让他连接到一个慢得不能再慢的网络上,然后观察。

· Prescxtion for popular success: do something strange. Make a habit of your weird.

· 在大众中获得成功的“处方”:做一些奇怪的事情,让你的怪异成为一种习惯。

· Be a pro. Back up your back up. Have at least one physical backup and one backup in the cloud. Have more than one of each. How much would you pay to retrieve all your data, photos, notes, if you lost them? Backups are cheap compared to regrets.

· 专业一点,备份你的备份,至少要有一个物理备份和一个云端备份,两端最好都有多于一个备份,如果你丢失了你所有的数据,照片,笔记,你会花多少钱来找回它们?相比后悔,备份是廉价的。

· Dont believe everything you think you believe.

· 不要相信你认为你相信的一切。

· To signal an emergency, use the rule of three; 3 shouts, 3 horn blasts, or 3 whistles.

· 发出紧急信号时,要使用三的法则,三声喊角、三声喇叭,或者三声口哨。

· At a restaurant do you order what you know is great, or do you try something new? Do you make what you know will sell or try something new? Do you keep dating new folks or try to commit to someone you already met? The optimal balance for exploring new things vs exploiting them once found is: 1/3. Spend 1/3 of your time on exploring and 2/3 time on deepening. It is harder to devote time to exploring as you age because it seems unproductive, but aim for 1/3.

· 在餐厅你是点你认为很棒的菜,还是去尝试一些新的菜?你是捣鼓些你知道会卖得好的东西,还是去尝试一些新的东西?你是一直在和新朋友约会,还是去尝试对已经认识的人做出承诺?探索新事物和开发新事物的最佳平衡点是: 1/3,花1/3的时间探索,2/3的时间深入,随着年龄的增长,花时间去探索会变得更加困难,因为它看起来毫无成效,目标就成了剩下的 1/3。

· Actual great opportunities do not have “Great Opportunities” in the subject line.

· 真正的好机会不会像 "好机会"三个字写墙上明确标注出来。

· When introduced to someone make eye contact and count to 4. You’ll both remember each other.

· 当被介绍给某人时,要有眼神交流且默数到4,你们会记得彼此。

· Take note if you find yourself wondering “Where is my good knife? Or, where is my good pen?” That means you have bad ones. Get rid of those.

· 如果你发现自己在思考“我的好刀在哪里?或者,我的好笔在哪里?”这意味着你的是有不好的“刀”,不好的“笔”,请把这些扔掉。

· When you are stuck, explain your problem to others. Often simply laying out a problem will present a solution. Make “explaining the problem” part of your troubleshooting process.

· 当你被卡住时,向他人解释下你的问题所在,通常你只要简单地将问题提出来,就能获得一个解决方案,要让 "解释问题 "成为你排除疑难过程的一部分。

· When buying a garden hose, an extension cord, or a ladder, get one substantially longer than you think you need. It’ll be the right size.

· 在购买花园软管、延长线或折梯时,要买一根比你认为需要的长得多的,大小会正合适。

· Dont bother fighting the old; just build the new.

· 不必费心地与旧事物抗争,只管去创造新事物。

· Your group can achieve great things way beyond your means simply by showing people that they are appreciated.

· 你的团队,仅需简单地向人们表明他们是受你欣赏的,就能实现远远超出你能力范围的伟大成就。

· When someone tells you about the peak year of human history, the period of time when things were good before things went downhill, it will always be the years of when they were 10 years old — which is the peak of any human’s existence.

· 当有人告诉你他最辉煌,即没有走下坡路之前一切顺利的时期,永远都会是他们10岁的时候——恩,这是任何人最辉煌的时期。

· You are as big as the things that make you angry.

· 看一个人有多大,要看多大的事能将他激怒。

· When speaking to an audience it’s better to fix your gaze on a few people than to “spray” your gaze across the room. Your eyes telegraph to others whether you really believe what you are saying.

· 对观众讲话时,最好把注意力集中在几个人身上,而不是把目光“散”到整个房间,你的眼睛会向别人传达你是否真的相信你所说的话。

· Habit is far more dependable than inspiration. Make progress by making habits. Dont focus on getting into shape. Focus on becoming the kind of person who never misses a workout.

· 习惯比灵感更可靠,要通过养成习惯来取得进步。不要专注于健身,而要专注于成为一个从不错过任何锻炼机会的人。

· When negotiating, dont aim for a bigger piece of the pie; aim to create a bigger pie.

· 谈判时,不要瞄准更大的一块蛋糕,而是要创造更大的蛋糕。

· If you repeated what you did today 365 more times will you be where you want to be next year?

· 如果你把今天做的事情重复365次,明年你会达到你想达到的目标吗?

· You see only 2% of another person, and they see only 2% of you. Attune yourselves to the hidden 98%.

· 你只能看到一个人的 2%,同样他们也只能看到你的 2%, 要展示出你隐藏的98% 。

· Your time and space are limited. Remove, give away, throw out things in your life that dont spark joy any longer in order to make room for those that do.

· 你的时间和空间都是有限的,移除,放弃,抛掉你生活中不再能够激起乐趣的东西,为那些能够激起乐趣的东西腾出空间。

· Our descendants will achieve things that will amaze us, yet a portion of what they will create could have been made with today’s materials and tools if we had had the imagination. Think bigger.

· 我们的后代将创造出令我们惊叹的东西,但如果我们有想象力,他们将创造的一部分东西可能是用今天的材料和工具制造出来的,思想要放远。

· For a great payoff be especially curious about the things you are not interested in.

· 为了获得丰厚的回报,对你不感兴趣的事也要充满好奇。

· Focus on directions rather than destinations. Who knows their destiny? But maintain the right direction and you’ll arrive at where you want to go.

· 专注于方向而不是目的地,谁又能知道自己的命运如何?但坚持朝着正确的方向努力,你就会到达想去的地方。
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· Every breakthrough is at first laughable and ridiculous. In fact if it did not start out laughable and ridiculous, it is not a breakthrough.

· 每一个突破起初都是可笑和荒谬的,事实上,如果一开始不可笑、不荒谬,那就不是突破。

· If you loan someone $20 and you never see them again because they are avoiding paying you back, that makes it worth $20.

· 如果你借给某人20刀乐,但因为他不想还钱,于是你再也没有见过他,那么你这20刀乐值了。

· Copying others is a good way to start. Copying yourself is a disappointing way to end.

· 模仿别人是一个好的开始,模仿自己是一个令人失望的结束。

· The best time to negotiate your salary for a new job is the moment AFTER they say they want you, and not before. Then it becomes a game of chicken for each side to name an amount first, but it is to your advantage to get them to give a number before you do.

· 协商新工作薪水的最佳时机是在对方说需要你之后,而不是之前,然后,每一方都要先说出一个数字,这就变成了一场“胆小鬼博弈”,但是让对方先说出一个数字对你有利。

· Rather than steering your life to avoid surprises, aim directly for them.

· 与其引导你的生活去避免意外,不如直接面对它们。
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· Dont purchase extra insurance if you are renting a car with a credit card.

· 如果你用信用卡租车,不要再额外购买保险。

· If your opinions on one subject can be predicted from your opinions on another, you may be in the grip of an ideology. When you truly think for yourself your conclusions will not be predictable.

· 如果你对一个主题的观点可以从你对另一个主题的观点中预测出来,那么你很可能受到了某种思维的控制,当你真正为自己考虑的时候,你的结论是不可预测的。

· Aim to die broke. Give to your beneficiaries before you die; it’s more fun and useful. Spend it all. Your last check should go to the funeral home and it should bounce.

· 力争离世之前花光钱,相比你死之前把钱给你的受益人,这样更有趣也更有用,全部花光,你最后一张支票应该交给殡仪馆,还应该被退票。

· The chief prevention against getting old is to remain astonished.

· 防止变老的一个主要方法就是保持惊奇。