Vadodara Municipal Corporation on Friday issued a notification to restrict the public display of all non-vegetarian food being sold on the street food stalls or restaurants.

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Speaking to ANI, Deputy Mayor, Nanda Joshi said, "The corporation had received complaints from the people passing by shops or stalls where non-vegetarian food is displayed in open."

社团副首领Nanda Joshi对ANI说:“该公司收到了路过者对露天摆放非素食食品的商店或摊档的投诉。”
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"People complaint us that non-vegetarian food in open seems very unhygienic. So the corporation issued the notification to prohibit the public display of non-vegetarian food. All the food stalls and restaurants have been instructed to cover the non-veg food properly. They also need to ensure that the food is not visible to anyone passing by," he added.


The Deputy further said that the process of implementing the rule will be issued after discussing with stakeholders.


"Only notification has been issued at present, however, how to implement this rule will be decided after discussing it with stakeholders. Further steps will be taken," he added.


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