Bloomberg Quicktake


When it comes to green manufacturing, China is now a clean-energy powerhouse. Its market dominance from solar panels to electric vehicles took
long-term planning and a level of financial investment only state-controlled banking systems can deliver. By 2030, China will have an outsized
influence on this strategic industry, and it’s poised to seize a fair share of the jobs and wealth creation that come with it.

在绿色(能源)制造方面,中国现已成为清洁能源强国。从太阳能电池板到电动汽车,它的市场主导地位需要长期规划,而且只有国家控制的银行系统才能提供一定水平的金融投资。到 2030 年,中国将对这一战略性产业产生巨大影响,并准备在随之而来的就业和财富创造中占有相当份额。