An Indian Air Force Mirage 2000 crashed in a village in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhind on Thursday while on a training sortie and the pilot, who managed to eject safely before the crash, was being treated for minor injuries, a police officer said. Bhind police superintendent Manoj Kumar Singh said that Flight Lieutenant Abhilash took off from Gwalior Air Base in a Mirage 2000 aircraft at around 10 am before it crashed at Babedi village panchayat after covering a distance of 70 km . He added that the pilot soon landed safely using parachute in nearby Parasram Ka Pura village.

一名警官说,印度空军一架幻影2000飞机周四在进行训练时,在中央邦平德的一个村庄坠毁,飞行员在坠毁前成功弹射跳伞,他受了轻伤,目前正在接受治疗。平德警长Manoj Kumar Singh说,上午10点左右,阿比拉什中尉驾驶幻影2000飞机从瓜里尔空军基地起飞,在飞行70公里后坠毁在巴贝迪村村部。他补充说,这位飞行员很快使用降落伞在附近的帕拉斯拉姆卡普拉村安全着陆。

An IAF Mirage 2000 aircraft experienced a technical malfunction during a training sortie in the central sector this morning. The pilot ejected safely. An Inquiry has been ordered to ascertain the cause of the accident,” an Indian Air Force (IAF) tweet said. Police force has been deployed at the crash site to keep a crowd of curious onlookers.