I wish it were a joke.


My wife and I live in california with our 8 month old son. I am a veteran of the Air Force, I am currently in school for theology and biblical studies, but i was a chinese linguist and analyst working at an NSA billet. My wife is a very high level chinese teacher that can create curriculum, teach and even give cultural studies classes. She is an immigrant and came here from china to escape the kind of dictatorship Biden is now embracing, she teaches at DLI, training our soldiers, airmen, marines and...naval personnel... in the chinese language. She is one of the proudest americans I know, and I grew up playing football in alabama...

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We are now in jeopardy of losing all we have worked for and the ability to care for our son because of this vaccine mandate.


I understand that the vaccine appears safe and may not have been intended for malicious purposes, but remember the challenger crash? Even rocket scientists cant predict everything.


If anyone knows any job or career opportunity outside of california, preferably in any red state for a very capable mandarin teacher, or a former analyst/translator...please reach out.