I checked out some profile of athletes competing in Olympics 2020. And I realised that most of them are very highly educated, especially people from developed countries. Many young athletes are starting their education at top colleges. William Shaner, who won gold medal for USA in 10m Air rifle, is a kid pursuing engineering at University of Kentucky.


Anna Kiesenhofer, who won god medal for Austria in cycling, is a Post Doctorate in Mathematics at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Before that, she did her masters in University of Cambridge.


Charlotte HYM, who is competing for France in skateboarding, has a PHD in neuroscience. I mean just imagine if any of the middle class Indian kids tell to their parents that they are doing Skateboarding. They would just simply not accept.

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It is quite encouraging that these people get scholarships due to their athletic abilities in top colleges, but if people are doing their PhDs and stuff, then that means they are also genuinely interested in the subjects. They aren’t in top colleges just because they are good at certain sports.


Thats the issue with Indian education. First, colleges don’t accept athletic abilities while considering admissions Second, Indians think if you are concentrating on sports, then that means you are trading off your education. They think its a zero sum game, when it is clearly not.