UberEats driver caught on camera 'stealing family cat before delivering food'


Shocking footage from a security camera shows an UberEats driver scooping up an 18-year-old cat and putting it in the back of her car before delivering a food order in Los Angeles, US


An UberEats driver is accused of stealing a family cat before dropping off a food order at their neighbours (Image: losangeles.cbslocal.com)


A brazen UberEats driver has been caught on camera stealing a family cat before dropping off a food order at their neighbours.


Shocking footage shows the driver picking up a cat belonging to Patrick Lewis while out delivering food to a house in Studio City, Los Angeles.


The video shows the driver allegedly putting the 18-year-old pet, named Hog, in a brown bag in the back of her car before walking out of frx.


Hog's distraught owner Mr Lewis said he has only watched the video once as it hurts too much to see his cat being taken.


“I’ve actually only watched it one time. I can’t,” Lewis said, CBSLA reports.
“For me, it’s heartbreaking to see. That’s my little girl being kidnapped pretty much. That’s what it looked like to me.”


Footage shows the driver allegedly putting the cat in a brown bag and in the back of her car (Image: losangeles.cbslocal.com)

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Mr Lewis said all he wants is for his cat to be returned (Image: losangeles.cbslocal.com)


Patrick said he started searching for Hog on Tuesday and immediately alxed the neighbours when he realised his pet was missing.


It was then that he started putting together the pieces as one neighbour recollected seeing a woman scoop up the cat, while another neighbour saw the alleged theft in the video recorded by her security camera.


The next door neighbour then came along and identified the woman in the video with the UberEats driver who had delivered her food.


Hog has been a part of the Lewis family for 18 years (Image: losangeles.cbslocal.com)


Mr Lewis contacted UberEats with the name of the driver and the receipt of the delivery.


A spokesman for Uber said they’ve been in contact with the driver and are trying to get the pet returned.


“What the customers reported is unacceptable. We are working to get the cat returned, stand ready to help in the police investigation, and will take the appropriate action against the delivery person.”

“。顾客所举报的(这种 偷窃 行为)是不可接受的。我们正在努力让猫回来,随时准备协助警方调查,并将对送外卖的人采取适当的行动。”

Mr Lewis told the company he doesn't want to get the driver into any trouble but just wants his beloved Hog back.


“We just want our cat back. That’s all we want out of this,” he said.


“Hog is in a weird way the first thing I kind of was a dad to, so we just want her back.”