Woman shares most unusual requests she's had as a £70-per-hour professional cuddler


Keeley Shoup, from the US, has been earning a living as a professional cuddler for the last seven years, giving comfort to people who have suffered trauma or abuse

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Keeley loves her job as a professional cuddler (Image: chicagocuddletherapy/Instagram)


A woman who gets paid to cuddle has revealed that the most rewarding part of her job is performing her client's strange requests.


Keeley Scoup, who lives in the US, has been working as a professional cuddler to help those who have suffered from trauma and abuse for the last seven years - and earns around $100 (£70) per session.


To protect her from anything that crosses the line beyond her services, Keeley has a strict set of rules in place, reports Daily Star.


The cuddling is completely platonic, non-sexual and clients are fully dressed at all times.


But, the job can entail some pretty unusual requests.

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Keeley explains: "I kind of love strange requests because what that means is that that person trusted me enough to tell me a thing that they wanted.


Keeley has very strict rules - but enjoys taking on strange requests (Image: chicagocuddletherapy/Instagram)


"That is atypical in society, that means they have to trust me a lot.


"That means that I have created a space safe enough where they don't feel like I'm going to judge them.


"I love that. I want them to have places in their life where they don't feel judged.


"One of the rules that I have is that they can ask me for anything that falls within the code of conduct, and they won't be judged.


"I'm not going to say yes to everything, I'm still going to check in with myself and see whether this is something I can actually do wholehearted - I'm not going to do anything that I will resent them for.


"I will hold my own boundaries, and I will never put myself in a position where I'm uncomfortable.


She assures her clients that she's not judging them to gain their trust (Image: chicagocuddletherapy/Instagram)


"That gives them the freedom to ask for anything."


Although clients can ask Keeley for anything, the requests aren't of a sexual nature.

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She added: "I've had tickle fights with clients before. That's something that's kinda atypical or out of the norm.


"I've read books - like children's stories - because they wanted to feel taken care of in that way, and that was a thing they remembered from childhood that was really reassuring and nurturing.


"I've wrestled around like a puppy with someone before, just to get that sense of play.


"I say 'weird' in the most loving way possible. One that I think most people resonate with but don't think of it was... when you were a kid, you'd draw on someone's back and they had to guess what shapes [you were drawing].

“我用最充满爱意的方式说‘怪异’。 我想大多数人都会有共鸣,但却没有想到的是……当你还是个孩子的时候,你会在别人的背上画画,然后让他们猜你画的是什么形状。

She's read books and had tickle fights with clients (Image: chicagocuddletherapy/Instagram)

她读过书,和客户挠痒痒(图片来源: (Image: chicagocuddletherapy/Instagram)

"That, I love doing, but it's not something that adults typically do."


Speaking of her boundaries, Keeley said: "As adults, we do ourselves a disservice to ourselves and our community by limiting what access we have to platonic touch.


"Because of fear or lack of clarity, or for shame around what is and isn't sexual.


"Whereas someone can absolutely do those things in a sexual context, and that is a subjective experience, I think a lot of people limit what they allow themselves to want, despite what they actually may want.


"They're so afraid of being judged or ostracised or shunned because other people wouldn't believe them when they said it wasn't sexual."


Keeley claims that only a very small number of her clients have asked for something sexual, and despite some admittedly very rare bad experiences, she loves her job.


She explains: "This feels like my life's purpose. When I get up in the morning, if I don't think 'I just wanna go and do this', it's just because I have not given myself enough rest.


"I do so much of it because I love it so much.


"I burn out a little bit and don't monitor my sleep or eating.


"There's nothing else I would rather do. I want to cuddle people all the time, always. I have an infinite capacity for this stuff."