Really Great Laptop Performance With A Core I7


Derek Liu 4 days ago
What happened to the poor laptop?


Behold The Beauty Of Our Office Server


WilvanderHeijden 4 days ago
State of the art airco for a state of the art server room. Budget for PR is $10 million per year, budget for IT is $10 000 for 2 years.


Maurettis 4 days ago
Still cheaper than water cooling


Jace 4 days ago
This is a horror story, but specifically it’s a horror story of bad management who don’t want to dedicate a proper space to the office server systems... but still expect some employee(s) to manage it. It’s an employment horror story. Get out ASAP.


im.bored.person 4 days ago
i mean whatever works


Keerthi Vardhan 4 days ago
Hope they have the opening on the back side of it to let the air pass.


Electrician Friend Just Sent Me This, Found During A Portable Appliance Test


Robert T 4 days ago
And this is why we have portable appliance tests... That "fuse" will take far more current than the cable, so if it does overload the cable will melt and potentially cause a fire.


Jyri Hakola 4 days ago
Likely on most of the countries this same product is nevertheless sold with a power cable which has not an integrated fuse.


All's Gravy 4 days ago
What a great idea!


Lent It To A Friend...


Ryan Deschanel 3 days ago
So... What happened here ?


Grant Barke 2 days ago
Install win 10 as many times as you want or until you run out of disk space. My record is 52 on a 1 terabyte drive, still had room left for more.


Susan Widomski 3 days ago
How do so many people have ants in their computers?


Suzanne Haigh 4 days ago
Aww them poor ants, suppose they now have to move on?


Llama_flower93 4 days ago
They had enough time to make larvae! *shudders*


Someone Tried To Print From USB

这是要拷贝(打印) U盘么?

Jace 4 days ago
Someone dropped a USB storage device into the printer?

有人把U盘丢进打印机里了? 2

Friends Computer Has Been Crashing For Like 3 Years


Lauren Caswell 4 days ago (edited)
Ay! I remember when my dad replaced the cooling fan things years back on our home pc (he did 90s computer tech stuff so we had stuff at home for his work etc plus he bought and refurbished old parts from his work), he had them in bout 30 mins them *BOOM* *swearwords*, dad comes out covered in coffee and black soot. Checked the fan seperately, it was a dud, stopped after approx 1 min. Rang the computer place, 'oh no its specialist we aren't reresponsible blah' plus a bunch of condescending jargon. So dad brought it in and politely schooled them on how their faulty fan had toasted his new hard drive.


Grant Barke 2 days ago
I doubt a faulty fan would toast a hard drive.


My New USB C Car Lighter


Coleonema 3 days ago
I heard Jim Carreys voice when I read this


BlackPearltheSeaWing/NightWing 4 days ago
Oh my lanta get it out of the car now! Don't waste time taking a picture of it!


Got An Xbox 360 Controller In For Repair. Inside, I Found Multiple Dead Bugs And Everything Was Covered In A Fine, White Powder-Like Dust

待修中的Xbox 360游戏手柄。我在这里面发现好几只死虫子,里面所有东西上面都蒙着一层细小的白色粉末

engineer_nope.avi 4 days ago
Hmmmmm, wonder what that powder is.


Miss Milixy 4 days ago
probably skin...


Yort 4 days ago
Could easily just be dust from the bugs.


Hello ppl 4 days ago
Lets hope its not drugs


Stupidity Strikes Again. Now I've Got A 'Curved' Keyboard


Llewella 4 days ago
Please clean your laptop!


The_tattered_hippie 3 days ago
It’s called “Ergonomic” geez!


Gekka Dojo 4 days ago
Just smack it a few times. That'll fix it.


How Do Things Like This Happen


Duncan 4 days ago
Most of those scratches will buff right out


Legoinsinööri 4 days ago
My son's phone got ran over by a tractor. Didn't get damaged that bad.


BlackPearltheSeaWing/NightWing 4 days ago
It's like they forgot to put it together before putting it in the box


Jace 4 days ago
Is this a support/service request or an e-waste recycling return? That phone was obviously snapped in half. Was this an aggressive act of hate directed at Samsung support by a former customer? CONTEXT!!! Where is it?

#36 (牛头不对马嘴)

Criminal Poe Adapter


Sum Guy 4 days ago
What is this for?


DaVo 4 days ago
Blowing up the internet I guess.


Nat Hedley 4 days ago
Killing people.


Gekka Dojo 4 days ago
He plugged that into his wifi router and his house melted.


WilvanderHeijden 4 days ago
How to fry routers, modems and IP-camera's in seconds and live to tell the tale.

#37 (“机”载烟具)

Just Imagine The Smell


James016 4 days ago
That's an actual thing???


J Gund 4 days ago (edited)
I googled and it is a real thing. Name is Thermaltake X-ray. Product Descxtion: Don't laugh... well, okay, you can laugh, but the Thermaltake X-Ray is a surprisingly practical product. The Thermaltake X-Ray is great for any home or office, allowing you to use cigarette adaptor accessories outside of your car. Besides that with the Thermaltake X-Ray you always have a place to keep your drinks, at home, and more importantly at LAN Parties. Now you don't have to worry about mixing drinks up with the people around. Plus, you'll be the weird guy who has a cigarette lighter and drink holder in their computer, doesn't get much better than that, does it? The beverage holder portion has an eject button, and can be closed when not in use.

我百度了一下,这是真的。这东西叫Thermaltake X-ray。产品功能:别笑…好吧,除了忍不住,不过Thermaltake x光盘机确是一个比较实用的产品。这玩意非常适合你居家办公使用,让你可以享受车载点烟器的方便。除此之外,有了这玩意,你就有地方放喝的了,在家里,尤其是在进行网上对战时。现在你可以放心大胆地一个人独享饮料了。另外,你会成为电脑里有打火机和杯架的怪人,再也没有什么比这更酷的了,是吧?饮料架部分有一个凸出的按钮,不想用的时候就可以按下按钮让它收回去。

Robert T 4 days ago
Well that's slightly better than I was thinking - I thought the cup holder was an ashtray!


Cain Hargreaves 4 days ago
Remember that prank email where Coca-Cola was supposedly giving out free drink holders if you clicked this button--and then your CD-ROM tray would pop out? It became a reality somehow and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that.


Jon Steensen 4 days ago
But who would want any liquid that close to their computer? All I see is a terrible disaster waiting to happen. It is bad enough that people regularly spill coffe into their keybords, but soaking the computer itself must be far worse.


Lauren Caswell 4 days ago
That took me so long to realise that isn't a blimming car dashboard


jamie1707 4 days ago
They sell that on Amazon, but mercifully it's no longer available. A friend bought one back in '13. ? You're going to use that ash tray and allow your machine to breath in smoke? Or put a beverage that close to your computer?

这玩意以前在亚马逊上有卖,但幸运的是现在已经没有了。我朋友在2013年买了一套? 你想让电脑吸进烟灰缸里的烟么?或是在电脑旁边放一杯饮料?

Saw The Other Post About Ethernet Rewiring And Reminded Me Of This. It Worked Fine For Almost A Week Until I Replaced It With A Proper Cable


Geoff C. 4 days ago
Yikes... with the money it cost for eight of those Wago connectors you could have bought an ethernet cable long enough to go to the moon and back


Bill 4 days ago
Somebody needs their license pulled. 18" seperation between power and data cables


Power Supply Didn’t Fit, I Guess This Works?


engineer_nope.avi 4 days ago
That setup looks so dusty, never mind the power supply.


M O'Connell 4 days ago
I recently re-capped an HP printer power supply, the supply itself was branded internally by Sony. I thought that was weird.


How To Make Sure Ideas Hold Water


Vic 4 days ago
Just because you CAN, doesn't mean you should :-)


J Gund 4 days ago
Modern problems require modern solutions


Hayhaypaula 4 days ago
A great way to hide your homebuilt gaming pc! Crooks won't touch it!


Mark Johansen 4 days ago
Suddenly gives me many ideas.


Lauren Caswell 4 days ago
Bah, says I


Jace 4 days ago
Huh. It never occurred to me that they’re literally half the length of the larger type. How old is this kid? I’m thinking he shouldn’t be building computers yet if he’s too young to exercise the minimum effort on reading instructions and ordering parts. ALSO: do the submission forms filter out apostrophes, or are submitters just this bad with spelling possessives?


Lexipoo 4 days ago
My dad would freak if he saw these.


Camilla Koutsos 3 days ago
This makes my teeth itch. Seriously jonesing for some cable porn...


Lunar Bicycle 3 days ago
In 2007 I started work at a medical company, you know, where a lot of private health information is kept. The company’s 80 computers were a mix of XP, ‘98, NT and 2000 on a peer-to-peer network, and the “server” was just an old desktop running ‘95. No antivirus, no firewall, no password protocols at all. The soon to be fired IT Director said antivirus software was unnecessary “if you were smart.”


Hans 1 year ago
This is a very accurate descxtion.


Sel Bonda 1 year ago
Bird attempted "selfies"!


Biljana Malesevic 1 year ago
Give camera to the bird and buy a new one, please!


LemonyLickit 12 months ago
They've got a bird's-eye view.

他们有 “鸟瞰图”了。

Oskar vanZandt 1 year ago
Nice birdhouse... very modern.

#44 (饶了我吧)

Panda Kicki 1 year ago
Oh, that face!


80 Van 1 year ago
It looks like a Thomas the Tank Engine train when Sir Topham Hatt catches them doing something wrong.


Daniel Mason 1 year ago
Yes!! I'm glad I'm not the only one to see that!


Ray Martin 1 year ago
I had a very similar one like this. Something to note is that personal heaters and fans were prohibited so as to not affect the air conditioning. We were rolling out new PCs to Call Centre staff, each one costing $2,800. I had installed five and was doing the sixth when I could smell burning. One of the staff had turned on a heater at full power facing the PC and it had literally melted the fascia, destroying also the CD/DVD unit, and the motherboard and CPU were damaged. It was a complete write-off. Brand new, it had been in use for less than twenty minutes before being destroyed.


deanna woods 1 year ago
Who in their right mind would put a heater near a computer?


Slixman 1 year ago
'I saw a red floor and i want it painted black'


*sigh*, The Yellow Teletubby 1 year ago
Well why did no one take him out into the back yard? Poor thing probably held that in for years


Sam Cheung 1 year ago
I'm surprised there isn't an outline of a human somewhere here.


SweetCee 1 year ago
It just sneezed. god bless you.


First Day On Job; Set Up Those 4 Wireless Speakers For You.


Ola Polowczyk 1 year ago
And here, dear children, you can see speakers resting in their natural habitat


Paul K. Johnson 1 year ago
To the right we see a male attempting to attract the attention of a female who has ignored his advances thus far. Scientists believe the Wireless Horn Tweeter mates for life unlike the Lesser Horned Tweeter and the Wired Shelfie who, for lack of a better term, are total sluts.


Grant Barke 1 year ago
Nothing wrong here, that is how you mount them. Those are the antennas for the wireless speakers.


Ancient Temple Of Asus


Alan Smith 1 year ago
still looks like an egyptian ruin at first glance. XD


elia 84631 1 year ago
I wish Indiana Jones did a movie about this


Monika Soffronow 1 year ago
So did I. "Never trust what you hear and only half of what you see" is as good a piece of advice as ever!


Binxyminxem 1 year ago
It looks like a mini model of a set for star trek to me!


Panda Kicki 1 year ago
Lucky it was just a mess and not a fire...


fainasKeturatis 1 year ago
It would be so interesting to know if it recovered or not.


I Should Tell Them It's Not A Touch Screen...


Roger Callon 1 year ago
I would put a plastic blanket/ barrier over the screen to prevent the screen becoming a Covid 19 transmission station


WilvanderHeijden 1 year ago
Doesn't matter. Most end-users use their fingers to read what's on the screen.


Chris Watson 1 year ago
What a filthy environment


Oskar vanZandt 1 year ago
Also happens when people put their PCs on a carpeted floor rather than raised on a solid surface, like the top of the desk.


“My Space Heater Stopped Working”


Blakkur Sverrir 1 year ago
Don't worry. Will be heating again, soon


N G 1 year ago
Never ever plug heaters into extension cords


Plugging In Your USB Receiver With A Hammer For That Flush Mounted Look


Daniel (ShadowDrakken) 1 year ago
This one is painful to look at...


My Friend Drilled Holes In His Mouse To Make It Lighter So It Would Give Him An "Advantage


TheDivineMs.M 1 year ago
Advantage of what????


Nupraptor 1 year ago
"Competitive Gamers" think that a lighter mouse will let them lift it faster, thus giving them an advantage. Some companies actually sell mice like this.


Finux Leong 1 year ago
This man was ahead of his time


Elsker 1 year ago
i guess that was easier than buying a new lighter gamingmouse?

#54 (我的U盘终于给插进去了)

“My Flash Drive Won’t Show Up And I’ve Literally Tried Everything!”


Other than plugging in into the right port!


Let's hope this idiot doesn´t use same approach for sex...


the usb port is literally right next to it lmao


Id row

Stuart Tamanaha 1 year ago
Actually, a very common problem!